Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 72.2 You like him

“I’ve heard your Uncle Yue complain a few times that that kid is obviously a genius in medicine but for some reason, he decided to study Mech Building. He said that if it wasn’t for you defending him so much, he would’ve run to your school to snatch him away. Now it seems that that kid’s talent in mech building isn’t inferior to his talent in medicine.” Mother Sheng said.

“He has a high talent in mech building, moreover he prefers mech building even more.” Sheng Heng couldn’t judge which of the two, pharmacy and mech that Yan Hao’s talents in was stronger, but he wanted Yan Hao to do what he liked.

And every time Yan Hao saw anything related to Mech, his eyes would be filled with excitement. As for medicine, Yan Hao treated it casually. Whether it was the formula for the sedative or the medicine for treating hand injuries, he had given it away casually, as if he had been giving away something insignificant. However when it came to modifying Black Soul, it was like night and day.

“Such a doubly talented person, and still a disciple of Old Zhong. Sheng Heng, you need to…..”

“No.” Before his mother could finish her sentence, Sheng Heng opened his mouth to refuse.

Mother Sheng raised her eyebrows then her eyes wandered back and forth across Sheng Heng’s face, as if she were observing something.

“Mom, Yan Hao is a very pure person. I don’t want to involve him in the faction struggles.” Sheng Heng told her.

“But he’s your partner and for just that alone, he’s already tied to us.” Mother Sheng told him.

“I haven’t revealed to the outside world that Yan Hao is the one who modified Black Soul.” Sheng Heng paused then continued, “After graduation, if the mimetic piloting system can’t be improved, Yan Hao and I will naturally dissolve our partnership. At that time, he will enter Old Zhong’s or Old Pang’s research institute and become a Mech Building Master.”

“You like him.” Mother Sheng said all of a sudden.

“What?” Sheng Heng was momentarily taken aback.

“You like him!” Mother Sheng was completely certain.

Sheng Heng was calm and steady by nature and had always been calm and steady in his actions since he was young. Even when his family had opposed him taking the exams for entry into the Mech Piloting Department, he hadn’t been agitated, but in the conversation just now, he had lost his cool several times.

What’s more in a family like theirs, faction struggles were already the norm and luring talents then recruiting them was a habit, because if you didn’t lure them, others would. And luring them to your side wasn’t a bad thing, so there could only be one reason why Sheng Heng was so strongly opposed, and that was that he cared about this child called Yan Hao, so much so that he wasn’t willing to use any tricks on him.

“Mom, I do like him, but…..” Sheng Heng didn’t know how his mother had figured it out, but in any case, he still didn’t want to involve Yan Hao.

“But you haven’t pursued him successfully yet.” Mother Sheng completed.

“….” Sheng Heng’s ears immediately turned red with embarrassment.

“Alright, mom understands what you mean. You can do whatever you want.” Mother Sheng rarely saw her son like this, so she couldn’t help but glance at him a few more times.

“Thanks mom.” Sheng Heng replied.

“But you have to put in more effort. If you’re able to pursue Yan Hao, he will still be a part of our family.” Mother Sheng added.

“Mom….” Sheng Heng wanted to say something more, but the call was already disconnected by Mother Sheng unilaterally.

If Yan Hao hadn’t become a disciple of Old Zhong and Old Pang and had the security and the ability to support himself, Sheng Heng would have indeed tried to absorb Yan Hao into the Sheng family. Yan Hao was too outstanding and too innocent, a genius with an exceptional talent but without a scheming heart who was easy to be coveted by others. It was just two encounters, but Sima Mingxuan had already taken notice of Yan Hao.

On the other side, Yan Hao took a shower in the dormitory and when he was done, waited for He Shao to return from class then the two left the dorm together and went to the cafeteria for lunch.

They picked a position near the window and while they ate, Yan Hao told He Shao about what had happened on the Desolate Planet.

“This semester, I’ll mainly just learn level 6 energy blocks. I hope to learn how to make them before the final exams and achieve 70% efficiency or more by sophomore year.” After hearing that Yan Hao had ranked first on the overall score board after just selling level 6 energy blocks, He Shao was immediately determined to learn how to make energy blocks.

“Alright, I’ll teach you when we go back.” Yan Hao said with a smile.

“Help me review the mech circuit diagram first, the teacher is going to ask questions about it tomorrow.” He Shao heh he’d.

“I’ll help you review after we finish eating.” Yan Hao promised immediately.

Just then, a figure appeared beside Yan Hao.

“Big brother.”

Yan Hao’s hand, which he was using to eat, froze, then he looked at the person beside him, the smile on his face disappearing instantly.

“Why are you here?” Yan Hao asked.

“I’m looking for you because of something. Big brother, I sent you a message, why didn’t you reply? You didn’t even pick up your communicator.” Yan Fei said greviously.

“Because I blocked you.” Yan Hao said directly.

Yan Fei never expected that Yan Hao would actually block him. He said, both shocked and aggrieved:

“Big brother, why did you block me? Did I do something wrong? No wonder you wouldn’t answer during the summer vacation when I sent you messages and video calls. Mom and dad were worried about you because of this.”

“I just blocked you, I didn’t block mom and dad. Why didn’t they call me themselves if they were worried about me?” Yan Hao asked.

“… ” Yan Fei stiffened for a moment, unsure how to answer.

When He Shao saw that Yan Fei was just standing there, with an expression on his face as if he was being bullied, along with the words he had just said that made one feel disgusted, he couldn’t help but stand up and say, “Hao Hao, I’ve finished eating, let’s go back to do the review.”

“En.” Yan Hao originally didn’t want to pay any attention to Yan Fei, so he took his plate and tried to leave.

“Big brother, I’m looking for you because of something.” Yan Fei quickly reached out to pull Yan Hao back when he saw him moving to leave.

Ignoring him, Yan Hao shook his left arm to make him let go. He didn’t use much strength, but for some reason, Yan Fei lost his balance and fell onto a passing student.

“Sor….. sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.” Yan Fei apologized quickly.

“It’s okay.” The person replied with a gentle laugh as he helped him up.

Why did this voice sound a little familiar?

Yan Hao turned around unconsciously: Sima Mingxuan? The two male leads had met?

Sima Mingxuan also spotted Yan Hao at this moment and was about to greet him with a smile, however just as he opened his mouth, Yan Hao looked as if he had seen a ghost and ran faster than a rabbit with his tray.

“…..?” Sima Mingxuan.

Is the fierce aura around me still there? It’s already been five days and it still hasn’t dissipated yet?

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  1. That sima mingxuan could be a decent person if he wouldn’t end up with yan fei later. But still, he’s not likeable

  2. lmao, Mother Sheng really said well if we cant put him on the payroll we’ll just have to marry him in! Basically the aame thing!

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