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Chapter 6.1

“Fu Shen, are you threatening me?”

Tang Zhou glared at him, “If I say your project lacks investment value, do you think others will believe me?”

By then, Fu Shen wouldn’t get a dime.

Who couldn’t threaten someone?

However, Fu Shen wasn’t scared. He looked down at the young man’s neck, where blue veins were clearly visible.

“The fact is, Tang Shen never wastes his breath on valueless projects.”

“You’re right.” Tang Zhou didn’t deny it. “I do see potential in your project, but that doesn’t mean it’s risk-free.”

“Forty is too much.”

“Twenty is too little.”

Both were resolute in their stance.

Fu Shen said, “I believe that Tang Shen’s intention isn’t to break the collaboration.”

Tang Zhou’s eyes were cold, “Junior Fu won’t want the project to stop either, right?”

Their eyes met and they said at the same time, “Let’s both step back.”

Fu Shen’s voice was low, “You go first.”

Tang Zhou didn’t decline, “Let’s meet in the middle, thirty.”

“Twenty-five.” Fu Shen shook his head, “I can’t go any higher.”

Tang Zhou had analyzed it. Twenty-five was indeed the highest value that Fu Shen could offer. Given Fu Shen’s character, he was sure to want absolute decision making power over the project.

He didn’t understand the game, so of course he wouldn’t really fight with Fu Shen for the helm. Twenty five was really his target, but he didn’t want to give up easily.

“Twenty-five is not impossible, but you have to agree to one condition.”

Fu Shen’s eyes deepened slightly, “Go ahead.”

“You’re knocking off five percent all at once, so it’s five years.” Tang Zhou said seriously, “You have to be my assistant for five years.”

In his dream, Fu Shen had also asked him to be an assistant for five years in exchange for a loan.

Reciprocity was Tang Zhou’s principle.

Fu Shen: “…” He was somewhat puzzled. Why was Tang Zhou so adamant about him becoming an assistant?

But five years for five percent, all things considered, he was the one benefiting. There was nothing he couldn’t agree to.


His crisp affirmation left Tang Zhou somewhat startled. Remembering his own struggles over dignity issues, Tang Zhou had to admit that Fu Shen’s ability to bend and stretch was really the mark of a man capable of great things.

The two of them reached an agreement in the restroom, and with their minds finally at ease, their expressions weren’t as solemn as before, as they looked much more relaxed.

Returning to the private room one after the other, Fu Shen told the other three about the outcome, not hiding the fact that he had agreed to work as an assistant for five years.

Pi Xiu and Li Fengyu exchanged glances. So he had really ‘sold himself’?

Liang Cheng proposed in a timely manner to Tang Zhou, “Why don’t the four of us take turns being your assistant?”

A year and a quarter each would be just right.

Pi Xiu and Li Fengyu nodded repeatedly.

Tang Zhou had been expressionless throughout, but when he heard this, he unexpectedly broke into a smile, and it was as if the ice had melted, revealing a splendid spring bloom.

“I’m rather fond of old acquaintances.”

He was used to certain people and didn’t feel like changing. Moreover, in his dream, only he had worked for Fu Shen as an assistant, he had no such connection with the other three.

Fu Shen also smiled, as if they weren’t talking about him.

Tang Zhou had driven over and so didn’t drink any alcohol during the entire meeting. The four, including Fu Shen, had classes the next day and so also didn’t plan on drinking either.

Although they were discussing business, there wasn’t a hint of a wine and dine atmosphere.

Fortunately, none of them liked the formalities of toasting and drinking.

After signing the contract, everyone felt more settled and Tang Zhou, not one for beating around the bush, converted the dining table into a meeting table and started discussing project development matters.

“I’m a layman when it comes to technology, so I won’t interfere. But as for matters outside of technology, we’ll need to discuss those.”

Fu Shen had just this intention, “Go on.”

Tang Zhou got straight to the point, “Do you think a university dormitory is a suitable workspace?”

Pi Xiu: “Once we have the funding, we can rent a place outside.”

Tang Zhou: “The team is too small, the division of labor is unclear, which affects efficiency.”

Liang Cheng adjusted his glasses, “We can recruit.”

Tang Zhou: “How many people do you estimate you will need for programming, planning, graphics and other professional roles? What about salaries?”

Li Fengyu raised his chubby hand, “Tang Shen, how about you make a list and then we can discuss it together?”

He was only interested in the technology and felt overwhelmed by these other details.

Tang Zhou kept quiet.

Fu Shen laughed, “How about this, Senior and I will discuss these matters together?”

It wasn’t realistic to let Tang Zhou handle it all by himself. After all, he wasn’t an expert and might not even be able to distinguish between certain things.

But Tang Zhou’s attitude was heartwarming.

Tang Zhou nodded, “Don’t worry about the venue, I’ll handle it. Junior Fu, if you’re free tonight, why don’t you drop by my place?”

Time waited for no one, and he didn’t like to procrastinate.

In his dream, Fu Shen’s creation of Deep Blue Tech had been fraught with difficulties, but it had only taken a few years. If things went smoothly this time, perhaps Deep Blue could emerge sooner.

As for how much sooner, it depended on the real skills of Fu Shen’s team.

Fu Shen nodded, “Alright.”

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