Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 67.2 First in points

“I was originally challenging Cheng Wenkang. If you want to fight with me, we’ll talk about it after I finish fighting him. There’s the principle of first come, first served in everything.”

Everyone could see clearly that Zhu Wencheng was up to something. As long as he fought with Cheng Wenkang first tonight, Sheng Heng would definitely not fight with him afterwards. And tomorrow was the last day of the assessment, after which they would return to school, so even if Sheng Heng challenged him to a match in school, losing wouldn’t affect his assessment points.

“You’re right. There’s the principle of first come, first served in everything.” Nodding, Sheng Heng took a step forward. “Then let’s settle the previous account first.”

“Previous… previous account?” Zhu Wencheng took a step back subconsciously.

“I remember you suspected me of cheating in the assessment.” Sheng Heng reminded him.

Zhu Wencheng’s expression changed as he remembered. “I didn’t know your mech had a mimetic piloting system at the time.”

“Did I cheat then?” Sheng Heng pressed.

Zhu Wencheng clenched his teeth then, with some humiliation, said, “I was wrong to suspect you. I shouldn’t have.”

“An apology is fine, but don’t you think it should be accompanied with some sincerity?” Sheng Heng pointed out.

“What else do you want?!” Zhu Wencheng asked ferociously.

“Give me all of your points and I’ll forgive you.” Sheng Heng demanded.

“What did you say?! Why should I give you my points?” At this time, Zhu Wencheng was second on the individual leaderboard with a total of 1068 points.

“Then let’s fight.” Sheng Heng said as he tapped lightly on his light brain, causing Black Soul’s cockpit to open automatically, the sound of the cockpit opening especially clear in the night.

Before getting into the mech, Sheng Heng suddenly remembered something and reminded Zhu Wencheng kindly, “Right, I spent 6500 points to repair Black Soul earlier. I don’t know if your 2000 points will be enough to repair Blue Moon, but I’ll try to be careful.”

“Sheng Heng!” At this point, how could Zhu Wencheng not be able to tell what Sheng Heng actually meant? He was trying to extort points from him by holding onto the previous incident of him accusing him of cheating. If he didn’t give in, Sheng Heng would use Black Soul to destroy Blue Moon.

Although Zhu Wencheng’s family wasn’t poor, they were also not wealthy. A level 4 mech was a significant expense for his family. If Blue Moon was gone, he wouldn’t have a mech of his own for at least a year, and as a mech piloting student, without a mech, how would he be able to attend classes?

“I’ll give you the points!” Zhu Wencheng was unable to do anything else but compromise.

Sheng Heng turned around and closed Black Soul’s cockpit at the same time: “Transfer them.”

Zhu Wencheng clenched his fist tightly, his eyes almost bulging out with anger. However he still lifted his left hand and transferred his points from his light brain terminal.

At the moment of the successful transfer of points, both the individual and the overall leaderboard underwent changes. Zhu Wencheng fell from second place on the individual leaderboard directly to the bottom first, and his team also fell to second to last due to his lack of points. At the same time, the total points of Sheng Heng’s team rose, eventually landing them in fifth place. Although it was only fifth place, the difference between it and the first place was only 98 points.

For Sheng Heng, who had a level six mech and an increasing number of zerg kills every day, 98 points wasn’t difficult.

Sheng Heng originally didn’t necessarily want to take first place with his team, but now that the difference between points was so small, he couldn’t help but want to give it a try. So on the second morning, he and Cheng Wenkang left the camp first and headed to the place with the most zergs.

Despite knowing that it would be difficult to secure the top spot due to Sheng Heng’s impressive zerg eradication speed over the past few days, the other teams in the top four refused to give up and worked tirelessly in their pursuit. When Xiao Tianhan announced the end of the assessment at 8pm and called everyone back to the base, Sheng Heng’s team had once again climbed to the top of the leaderboard.

They had surpassed the team in second place by a margin of three points.

Upon return to the base, a member of the team in second place approached Cheng Wenkang, asking in a somewhat unresigned manner, “We were only three zergs away?”

“Enough, don’t be unresigned. Even if you had killed another thirty zergs, the top spot would still be ours.” Cheng Wenkang consoled.

“What do you mean?” The person asked, confused.

“Have you seen that person approaching us up ahead?” Cheng Wenkang motioned to Yan Hao who was making his way towards Sheng Heng through the crowd.

“Your team’s Mech Building Master?”

“Xiao Hao’s level 6 energy blocks are worth over 100 points each. He can just sell one anytime and you’ll have enough points for a whole day of zerg eradication.” Cheng Wenkang explained.


As the two approached Sheng Heng’s side slowly, they overheard their conversation.

“I was thinking that if we didn’t have enough points, I could sell the rest of my twenty level 6 energy blocks and we’d still be in the top spot. I didn’t expect you and Senior Cheng to catch up in just three days though.”

“Don’t sell the energy blocks.” Sheng Heng told him.

“En.” Yan Hao replied. He had also already decided not to sell the extra energy blocks to Qin Hu since he learned that the leader of his team was Sima Ming Xuan.

“!!” This wasn’t a case of them being three points short. Rather, it was a case of them being over two thousand points short.

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  1. How can an elite school with mecha piloting major not provide their student with mecha lmao. So only the rich can be a mecha pilot? That doesn’t sound good for your human resource and talent reserve.

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