My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 42.2

Entering the newly decorated room, Li Qingzhou put the exoskeleton walking aid on with Liu Bohuai’s help.

Although the exoskeleton walking aid controlled the weight to a certain extent, it still required effort from the waist, abdomen and even the whole body to help those with leg disabilities walk.

Therefore this newly developed exoskeleton walking aid had places that were to be fixed on the shoulders, waist, abdomen and other sides.

Li Qingzhou took off his home overcoat, which revealed the thin short-sleeved shirt he was wearing inside.

Standing up with the help of two canes, he waited quietly for Liu Bohuai to come over and put it on for him.

First, his shoulders were fastened, followed by his waist and legs fitting snugly.

Li Qingzhou’s waist was slim, so with Liu Bohuai’s palms resting on it, he could feel the slight trace of heat passing through his thin clothing.

As Liu Bohuai moved to his waist, Li Qingzhou seemed to be ticklish and dodged slightly, but then he suppressed it, enduring the waistband being fastened around his waist….

[It tickles.]

The little guy in the bubble squirmed shyly.

As Li Qingzhou was standing straight, he was a head taller than Liu Bohuai who had his head lowered.

And propping himself up with the canes, all his strength on top of them, his head drooping slightly and his hair blocking his eyes, what was before him was an exposed white neck and beautiful shoulder blades…

Liu Bohuai fastened the shoulder button for Li Qingzhou, his eyes deep as he hid his expression, withdrawing the glance he had inadvertently caught.

He seemed to be able to hear the sound of his heart pounding and after putting the exoskeleton walking aid on for Li Qingzhou, he stepped back and asked, “Is there any place that feels uncomfortable?”

Li Qingzhou was oblivious to his cover-up.

Feeling his back and shoulders and finding that there were no problems, he shook his head and responded, “Nothing feels uncomfortable, it’s all good.”

Liu Bohuai hummed, but then stepped forward again to check the fit of his legs.

Finally, when he saw that there wasn’t even a hint of anything wrong, he said it was good.

This was Li Qingzhou’s first time wearing an exoskeleton walking aid and as he wasn’t yet able to walk on his own, he needed to use the canes for a while to adjust, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to take the first step.

“Hu….” Li Qingzhou gave himself a mental pep talk then took a deep breath.

The layout of the room was spacious, with two single bars installed on one side, the height of which reached only to the waist.

The walls around had handrails installed on them and the floor was covered with very soft carpets.

“Be careful, take it slow.” Liu Bohuai advised, looking worried.

Li Qingzhou: “En, I know.”

He took the first step tentatively.

The muscles of his shoulders trembled first, then the ones in his arms, then his waist….. his right leg trembled forward.

Before it fell, the simple movement had already caused beads of sweat to appear on his forehead.

Finally, his right foot landed on the ground.

[I’m such a little waste of space. It seems I’ve been sitting in the wheelchair for too long.]

The little guy in the bubble pouted, looking dispirited.

Gritting his teeth, Li Qingzhou continued to persist in lifting his left leg…..

Standing on the side, Liu Bohuai looked on attentively, hands raised slightly, ready at all times.

Always by Li Qingzhou’s side.

Ten minutes passed.

Not only was Li Qingzhou’s forehead covered in sweat, his hair was sticking to his forehead in strands and even his short sleeves was soaked with sweat.

And as he was wearing a white shirt, it became slightly transparent after getting wet.

Two minutes later, Li Qingzhou wanted to try to walk without using the canes.

At Liu Bohuai’s worried and disapproving look he said, “I’ll just try it.”

[Just once, just once.]

—The little guy in the bubble seemed to think he could do it as he held up one finger with the other one beneath it, moving it up and down.

Liu Bohuai sighed then said, “Alright.”

Biting his lip, Li Qingzhou stood between two parallel bars and put one cane down, which Liu Bohuai took away. Then supporting himself on one bar, let go of the other cane.

Holding onto the bars with both hands, he took a deep breath then let go slowly, taking a step forward….

The first step was successful and Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but smile.

The second step, however, his leg trembled slightly….

“Be careful.” Liu Bohuai stepped forward quickly and hugged Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou fell straight into his embrace and was held by him around the waist.

Li Qingzhou suddenly laughed.

He leaned on Liu Bohuai’s shoulder and looked up with curved eyebrows and a smile, “It’s quite interesting.”

This was his first time trying to walk and although it was done in this manner, the feeling was new and he was in a subtly good mood.

His legs were disabled in the calf, but the upper part still had sensation, so it wasn’t too difficult to stand up wearing an exoskeleton walking aid.

But more practice was needed.

Liu Bohuai looked at the rare smile on Li Qingzhou’s face.

With a soft expression, he let out an ‘en’ then reached out to wipe the sweat beads on Li Qingzhou’s forehead away gently, picked him up then asked, “Do you want to rest for a while first?”

He was supporting Li Qingzhou’s entire weight, holding him tightly around the waist with one hand supporting his back and even through his slightly soaked through shirt, he seemed so hot…

Especially when he looked down. His eyebrows were gentle and the corners of his mouth were raised.

—His noble and elegant, yet handsome face was in front of him as well as his low magnetic voice echoing in his ears.

The distance between them was extremely close, so close that their breathing merged, and when their gazes met, it was as if their breath was intertwined.

Slowly, the tips of Li Qingzhou’s ears and cheeks became hot.

However his face was already flushed from his walking practice, so it now looked as if there was nothing unusual.


[I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. He is way too much of a sexy tease. I can’t take it, an ambulance needs to come quickly…. help.]

—The little guy in the bubble clutched his chest and collapsed, two round circles of blush appearing on his little face.

Underneath him was a toy model of an ambulance that wasn’t even half the length of an arm which was currently struggling to carry the weight of the little person on it as it moved forward slowly and laboriously.

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