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Chapter 44.1

It wasn’t until now that Xu Luoyang realized that kissing could feel so good!

It was as if all the dormant nerve endings in his body had woken up. He could feel Qi Chang’an’s arms around his waist, his warmth and breath enveloping his body, his warm breath puffing against his skin and his moist, soft lips. The continuous tingling sensation he was feeling was like an electric shock and within a second, every nerve in him began to tremble!

The kiss was brief and not too deep, yet it dazzled the two of them. When Xu Luoyang realized that Qi Chang’an had let go of his lips, his body instinctively rose up to meet his before he could react, his arms wrapping itself around his neck to stop him from leaving.

And because of the impetuousness of this action and the strength he had used, their teeth came into direct contact with each other, causing a burst of pain, but there was no need to worry about that, as Xu Luoyang half-opened his eyes to look at Qi Chang’an, whose eyes were as deep as ink, as he carefully took his upper lip…

Don’t go.

Qi Chang’an didn’t respond.

Xu Luoyang was anxious, but as an innocent young man who had only theoretical knowledge but very little practical experience, he had no better solution than to tentatively extend his tongue and lick Chang’an’s lips lightly, leaving a little water stain.

But it was perfectly enough, because of this one little gesture, he was pinned to the bed by Qi Chang’an and kissed for a full ten minutes.

The unconscious titillation was like a sudden mountain fire and like strong wine in his throat, straight into the lungs.

Outside the window there was the faint sound of birdsong, but the room was quiet, the sounds of breathing intertwined and no longer distinguishable from each other. Xu Luoyang was lying on top of Qi Chang’an, the moist ends of his eyes slightly reddened as he pressed his lips against Qi Chang’an’s, intimately and intermittently rubbing them inch by inch, occasionally licking and tasting them gently like candy.

Qi Chang’an placed one hand in a protective position around Xu Luoyang to protect him, his actions extremely indulgent.

After sucking Qi Chang’an’s upper lip again, Xu Luoyang let go a little reluctantly then said softly, “I like you so much.” After saying this, a smile spilled out of his eyes naturally, having the appearance of spring water.

Qi Chang’an looked at the smile curling the end of his eyebrows almost obsessively and with a little force, deepened the kiss. Xu Luoyang, unprepared made a low sound, but opened his mouth in an extremely natural manner, allowing the tip of Qi Chang’an’s tongue in.

While being kissed deeply, Xu Luoyang thought to himself, he and Qi Chang’an were indeed a perfect match. They had only been practicing and bonding for ten minutes and they already had a very tacit understanding. They were indeed both gifted players!

Sensing that he was about to lose control of the kiss, Qi Chang’an compulsively stopped his movements, rolled over, pinned Xu Luoyang underneath him, then buried his face in the crook of his neck. Taking a deep breath, he said in a muffled voice, “Luoyang…… can you say that again?”

As Xu Luoyang’s brain was deprived of oxygen, his response was sluggish, hence it took him a few seconds to understand what Qi Chang’an was asking him to repeat, “I like you so much.” After saying this, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing, and then he whispered, “I really like you so much.”

But quickly sensing Qi Chang’an’s unease, Xu Luoyang raised his eyebrows and asked, “Luoyang is me, Chang’an is you, isn’t that right?”

Qi Chang’an replied seriously, “En, yes.”

“So, Luoyang really likes Chang’an.”

I like you a lot.

But then feeling as if he had overplayed his hand by saying this out loud, Xu Luoyang was a little embarrassed, however after waiting for a while and still not receiving a response from Qi Chang’an, Xu Luoyang’s heart thudded– had he scared Qi Chang’an by being too blunt?

But soon he felt a drop of water land on the skin of his neck, causing a slight ticklish itch. Taken aback, Xu Luoyang asked in shock, “Chang’an you–” Why are you crying?

He didn’t dare move, allowing him to hold him and suddenly his heart was sad along with him. Somewhat at a loss, he opened his mouth, “If you don’t like me too much now, that’s okay. I’ll try a little harder and become a little better….”

Before he could finish saying these words, Xu Luoyang thought about the possibility and felt pain spread across his heart so he quickly changed his hypothesis, “Are you upset because you stole a kiss from me while I was sleeping and got caught? I didn’t mean to expose you. It’s just that I was so excited that even the billion little cells that were deployed couldn’t hold back the urge to expose you.”

It seems…… he was making it worse?

But by the time he’d finished, he noticed that Qi Chang’an had lifted his head without any trace of tears and his eyes were looking at him with utmost concentration.

Not blinking, Xu Luoyang brewed for a few seconds then asked a question in one fell swoop, “That…. you…. do you like me?” Then he added in quick succession, “You can be honest with me. If you don’t like me or if you don’t like me very much yet, it’s okay. Don’t worry that I’ll be disappointed or that I can’t accept it.” After saying this, he smiled at Qi Chang’an with very well concealed loss in his eyes.

Qi Chang’an’s fingers flexed slightly then gently, he wiped the water stain from the corner of Xu Luoyang’s lips. He was so close that he could see the apprehension in Xu Luoyang’s eyes as well as the nervousness that was about to overflow.

Before this, he himself had never presumed to get a response from Xu Luoyang. He was willing to suffer the pain of loving without receiving, and until a second ago, had been conflicted, struggling– he wanted Xu Luoyang, but was afraid he would hurt him. But at this moment, he couldn’t bear to see Xu Luoyang suffer the same pain, he couldn’t, bear to see him be apprehensive for even a second because of his hesitation and ambivalence.

And so it was that Xu Luoyang heard Qi Chang’an’s reply, “I like my Nao Nao, very much. I’ve liked my Nao Nao for a very long time.”

It was as if Xu Luoyang had heard the sound of flowers opening up all over the mountains. He spoke softly, “This is really like a dream!”

Suppressing the emotions raging inside him, Qi Chang’an nodded gently, “En, it really is like a dream.” When I wake up from this dream, will you leave me?

The moment this thought came to him, Qi Chang’an found himself instinctively tightening his arms around Xu Luoyang, but then he relaxed again very quickly, sealing all the uncontrolled possessiveness and unease back into the dark corners.

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