Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 46.2 Tenth Floor Intern

“No, an online friend of mine sent it to me. It’s almost a month old.” Yan Hao replied.

“It’s been a month and you haven’t picked it up yet?” He Shao was speechless.

The two of them went to the smart locker and because the time overdue was too long, Yan Hao had to pay extra to get the parcel.

“It’s quite heavy.” He Shao shook it as he held it in his hand, “This size, this weight, there should be metal inside.”

“Let’s go back and have a look at it.” The two of them were about to walk back when Yan Hao’s communicator suddenly rang, “Professor Qin.”

“Professor Qin is looking for you, pick up.” He Shao said hurriedly.

Nodding, Yan Hao answered the communicator: “Professor Qin.”

“Yan Hao, you’re not in the lab?” Professor Qin asked.

“No, I’m in the dormitory.” Yan Hao said.

“Then do you have time now? Come to the tenth floor, I’ll ask Zhou Xiong to pick you up.” Professor Qin told him.

“I have time.” Yan Hao nodded. He hadn’t thanked Professor Qin personally for the Pami Radar he had given him the last time.

“Tenth floor, is that the tenth floor of the laboratory building?” He Shao waited for Yan Hao to hang up the phone, before asking impatiently.

“It should be.” Yan Hao said.

“You can actually go to the tenth floor?” He Shao asked excitedly, “Hao Hao, do you know what it means to be able to go to the tenth floor?”

Yan Hao nodded. The last time he went to the tenth floor, Senior Zhou Xiong had already told him about it.

“Then why are you still standing here if you know what it means? Hurry up and go, see what Professor Qin wants from you. Remember, behave well, it’s your future that’s at stake.” He Shao admonished.

“Then the package….”

“I’ll take it in for you, go on.” Seriously a case of the emperor wasn’t anxious but his eunuch was.

Yan Hao left the dormitory and went to the building of the laboratory.

When he arrived at the elevator, Zhou Xiong was already there waiting and as soon as he saw Yan Hao, he rushed over and dragged him into the elevator: “Quick, let’s hurry up.”

“Senior, what’s wrong?” Could it be that he had come too late?

“It’s a good thing, a great thing. You have to behave well when you get up there.” Zhou Xiong admonished.

“What good thing?” Yan Hao was confused.

“The tenth floor is recruiting interns, and teacher has secured a place for you. If you are able to pass the exam, you can study at the tenth floor from now on.” Zhou Xiong added, “The interns on the tenth floor can learn things that you can’t learn in books.”

“Then…… then what do I have to pay attention to?” Yan Hao naturally knew that the tenth floor was special, not to mention anything else, just the things he saw in Professor Qin’s lab the last time, if he could see them every day, then he was willing to do anything.

“Every lab has a different admission criteria. It depends on the mood of the lab owner, as long as the lab owner is happy with you, you can stay.” Zhou Xiong explained.

Yan Hao’s eyebrows furrowing, he was immediately unsure of himself. He wasn’t afraid if he had to take an exam, but if it depended on like…..

“Here we are.” Zhou Xiong took Yan Hao to Professor Qin’s lab first, “Teacher, I’ve brought my junior.”

“Teacher.” Yan Hao called out obediently.

Professor Qin looked at Yan Hao with a somewhat complicated expression then asked, “Did you meet Old Pang the last time you came?”

Old Pang? Yan Hao blinked, puzzled.

“The old man who taught you how to build the Pami Radar last time.” Zhou Xiong reminded.

Him, Yan Hao nodded hastily.

“Let’s go.” Sighing, Professor Qin turned to walk out.

Zhou Xiong tugged Yan Hao and followed hurriedly while asking in a low voice: “Teacher, which teacher’s lab is recruiting interns?”

On the tenth floor, only the level Mech Building Masters could recruit interns and Zhou Xiong knew basically all the level Building Masters on the tenth floor, and they all had interns, so he thought about it for a long time then came to the conclusion that it should be a certain level Mech Building Master who had been upgraded, that was why this new slot was available.

“Old Pang.” Professor Qin said.

“Old…. Old Pang?!!!” Zhou Xiong shouted out.

“Keep your voice down.” Professor Qin gave him a disgusted glare. He was actually a bit confused himself. He had just returned from home today when Old Pang took the initiative to contact him, saying that he had his eye on an intern and that he should help him out by acting as a lobbyist.

He thought to himself that whoever Old Pang had his eye on was lucky and that he didn’t need a lobbyist. It wasn’t until Old Pang said Yan Hao’s name that he realized that it wasn’t that he needed a lobbyist, he was trying to steal someone from him.

Soon after, the three of them arrived at the entrance of Old Pang’s lab, a separate one that was much larger than Professor Qin’s just by looking at the facade: “Go in, behave yourself and try to…. stay.”

Although unwilling, he couldn’t steal from Old Pang.

“I will.” With three people already asking him to do well, Yan Hao couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

When Yan Hao entered, Zhou Xiong said joyfully, “Teacher, Yan Hao will first be an intern at Old Pang’s lab, then after two years of training, you will be ready to take him on, right?”

“Old Pang hasn’t had an intern here for almost ten years, do you know why?” Professor Qin asked, in an unhappy tone.


“Because all his interns, end up being his disciples.” Old Pang hadn’t taken on any student for almost ten years but now he was suddenly taking on a student, a proper protégé.

“The student will become Old Pang’s disciple, then teach….. will he not be from the same generation as you?” Professor Qin’s master and Old Pang were of the same generation.

“Ugh~~” Professor Qin was depressed again.

“Then I will have to call my junior brother, uncle from now on?” Zhou Xiong’s entire body wasn’t well.

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5 thoughts on “Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

  1. Why is he even going under someone he should just stay independent, it’ll benefit him more. Ultimately he can still ask these people for help since they clearly admire him

    1. Prestige is useful and old Pang is very highly regarded for a multitude of reasons, so the MC would be able to borrow on his authority to purchase things and access information. On top of that, you’d get not only one-on-one instruction but also resources and connections, which is difficult to overstate the importance of. It’s not really beneath the MC’s pride to be a disciple under someone if they’re qualified to teach him, and old Pang is certainly qualified.

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