Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 60.2 The Challenge

There was a brief moment of silence in the class group and then it was unknown who, suddenly burst out cursing.

“F*ck, why would a freshman make a Master-level level six energy block?”

“And six energy blocks a day at that. He doesn’t even keep them for his team members, he actually sells them all.”

“That’s right, we can’t even make enough energy blocks for our own team members, let alone have extra to sell.”

“It’s just because they are taking advantage of the fact that their team is small.”

At the same time, on this side of the mech piloting department camp, the students of the mech piloting department were just staring at the individual point rankings. They had completely given up on the overall rankings that had a high score of over 5,000 points which they wouldn’t be able to surpass even after seven days. However they were also stimulated because the first place on the first day of the assessment was actually Sheng Heng who had injured hands, and so on the second day of the assessment, the students of the mech piloting department all worked hard to kill the zergs outside, making it so that their points all went up a lot compared to the day before, however when the points list came out.

“……” The crowd.

Sheng Heng, 443 points.

Sheng Heng’s points tally from yesterday was known to the crowd, and so with silent deductions, the crowd immediately worked out that Sheng Heng had 320 points today, which was more than double what the rest of them had done today. Even Cheng Wenkang’s points tally today was over 100, bringing his total to 196 points and placing him fifth in the rankings.

“Sheng Heng, are your hands okay?” Someone couldn’t help but ask.

They had been resting in the camp for the past two days and every night someone would dip their fingers into medicinal liquid in order not to cause fatigue to them. But strangely enough, Sheng Heng, who obviously had the most serious hand injury, had not dipped his hand in the medicinal liquid for the past two days. To have such a battle without doing so, even for a level 6 mech, Black Soul, it would take a great mecha pilot to do that.

“No.” Sheng Heng shook his head.

“Then how did you get such high points?” A boy sitting diagonally opposite Sheng Heng suddenly asked in a stern voice, “Did you cheat?”

Sheng Heng’s eyes snapped coldly in the direction of the boy.

The boy’s heart froze at Sheng Heng’s look, but he still said loudly, “If you didn’t cheat, then how could you, a person who can only fight for two hours a day have killed so many zergs? And look at your hands, it’s as if you haven’t even operated a mech at all.”

Sheng Heng’s injuries were well known. They had all been classmates for almost two years, and they had all seen what Sheng Heng’s hands looked like at the end of each practice, so at this moment, when the boy reminded them, they all looked over and saw that Sheng Heng’s fingers were white and even, without a trace of red marks, what’s more they didn’t look like they had undergone any intense operation.

Not all of these people loved picking faults, but they all looked suspicious at this point.

“Zhu Wencheng, what nonsense are you spilling over there?” Cheng Wenkang asked angrily, “The number of points is accounted for by the base, how can this be faked?”

“The base only calculates the number of kills through the testing equipment on the mechs. If someone gets the help of a level 6 mech piloting master to help, the base wouldn’t be able to detect it.” Zhu Wencheng said back.

“Do you have proof?”

“What proof is needed when everyone knows what Sheng Heng’s hands are like? But you guys, do you have any evidence to prove that Sheng Heng was operating the mech himself in the past two days?” Zhu Wencheng said angrily.

“We can seek a verdict from our teacher.”

“Our teacher didn’t follow us all the way, so how would he know?” Zhu Wencheng argued.

“Then how about we have a match?” Sheng Heng said in a deep voice.

The flame of Zhu Wencheng’s arrogance died down a little, but he still said in a bad tone, “I’ve been fighting for two days and my hands are still shaking, so I can’t beat someone who’s been resting and recuperating for two days.”

“Then I’ll fight you.” Cheng Wenkang leapt up in place, about to walk over to Zhu Wencheng.

“You two are together, who knows if you have also found a body double?” Zhu Wencheng retorted.

“You….” Cheng Wenkang was so angry that his whole body was about to explode.

“Then why don’t you follow us tomorrow and see if I have a body double?” Sheng Heng pulled Cheng Wenkang, who was about to storm off back.

Zhu Wencheng didn’t dare agree to Sheng Heng’s proposal. If he went with them, there was no telling what would happen on the way: “Why, you want to take advantage of the opportunity to get back at me?”

“What have you done? That you think I will get back at you?” Sheng Heng asked in reply.

“…… You know it in your own heart.” Zhu Wencheng, “If you didn’t cheat, then prove it to us. Otherwise we won’t be convinced that this first place is yours.”

“Do you guys think so too?” Sheng Heng looked to the others.

None of the others said much when they met Sheng Heng’s gaze, but the expressions on their faces indicated their attitude; they were indeed skeptical.

“Sheng Heng, we aren’t doubting you. As you said earlier, your hand injury hasn’t healed, but in your condition, even if Black Soul is a level 6 mech, your points can’t be higher than all of us.” Sun Zhu, the class leader, stood up and said.

“Then what do you guys want?” Sheng Heng asked patiently.

“How about this? You and Wenkang will join our group tomorrow and then we will naturally all be clear after a day’s action.” Sun Zhu said.

“That’s fine.” After Sheng Heng finished saying this, his gaze turned to Zhu Wencheng, “But what about you if it is proven that I didn’t cheat?”

Zhu Wencheng subconsciously took a step back and said with some shortness of breath, “If you didn’t cheat, then you didn’t cheat. You originally shouldn’t have cheated in the first place.”

“Heh.” Sheng Heng laughed angrily, “So I deserved to hear the slander you just threw at me?”

“You…. you have to prove that you didn’t cheat first.” Zhu Wencheng said.

“Fine, then we’ll talk about it then.” Sheng Heng smiled coldly.

Somehow, Zhu Wencheng’s back went cold from the way Sheng Heng looked at him.

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