Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 56.2 Base

“Of course, that doesn’t mean you should be careless, because although the zergs here have been controlled by the Federation, there are always some that have evaded the search, so there are also the occasional level five or level six zergs. If you come across one, whether you guys fight or run, the decision is yours.” Xiao Tianhan looked at the time then said, “From now on, you have thirty minutes to prepare for departure. There are energy resources and weapons sellers in front of the square, you can go over to restock your inventory if you need to.”

At the end of this sentence, the mecha students in the square dispersed with shouts, running to the place of resupply.

“Boss, should we go take a look?” Cheng Wenkang asked Sheng Heng.

They had prepared all the supplies they needed in advance before arriving and had hidden them in their space buttons, but seeing that everyone else had gone to the place of resupply, he couldn’t help but feel a desire to go as well.

Sheng Heng looked at Yan Hao.

“Go ahead, I’ll be at the base, it’ll be fine. You guys be careful during the assessment.” Yan Hao said.

Sheng Heng nodded then asked, “Is there anything you want, I’ll bring it to you on my return.”

The environment of No. 3 Desolate Planet, after being deserted for hundreds of years because it had been occupied by the zerg race, had recovered extremely well, with many rare medicinal herbs and ores.

Yan Hao thought about it for a moment, but unable to think of what he needed for the time being, said, “I’ve heard that the front claws of the zerg race are very sharp and can pierce right through the shell of a mech. If you have the chance, bring one back for me to see.”

“Wow, little junior, I didn’t expect that you’d have such a heavy taste.” Cheng Wenkang was speechless.

“I’m just a little curious.” Yan Hao said, somewhat embarrassed.

“Okay, wait for me to come back.” Smiling, Sheng Heng nodded, turned to put a hand on Cheng Wenkang’s shoulder and then dragged him forward.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch, boss, be gentle. How can I pilot a mecha if my hand is ruined later.” Cheng Wenkang’s cry of pain came from afar.

Yan Hao was amused when he heard Xiao Tianhan say all of a sudden, “You guys from the Mecha Building Department, this time the assessment is at the base, so in a moment, you will follow Captain Xu Peng.”

Saying this, Xiao Tianhan pointed to the base’s docking officer standing beside him and introduced him, “This is Captain Xu Peng.”

“Good day, Captain.” The students greeted loudly.

Captain Xu Peng was a kind-faced young man, “I am also a student of the Federal University, so you guys can call me Senior.”

“Good day, Senior.”

Xu Peng smiled and said, “We mech builders don’t need to go into battle unless there are special circumstances, so the place for your assessment, is in the base. In a moment, I will take you to the maintenance room prepared for you at the base and for the next seven days, you will stay there and wait for your team.”

With that, Xu Peng nodded towards Xiao Tianhan and left with the students from the Mecha Building Department. After about ten minutes of walking, they arrived at an incomparably huge maintenance room which looked to be five or six times the size of a typical laboratory.

“This maintenance room is for your shared use and contains the common tools and materials needed for repairing mechs. Of course, these materials are to be redeemed with points. You can exchange parts you make as well as energy blocks for points, and mecha warriors can also exchange points when they go out to kill zergs.”

“There are dormitories outside the maintenance room and each dormitory costs one level 6 energy block per day. For the first two days of the assessment, there is usually no mecha damage, so you can consider renting a dormitory to rest in.”

“Alright, each of you should now use your light brain terminals to perform a binding to a temporary pass to the base, after which, you will be free to enter and leave the place.”

As soon as Xu Peng’s words fell, the crowd lowered their heads and started the binding and in a short while, they were done.

“Senior, can we rent the dormitories now after the binding is done?” Someone asked.

“Of course. You can go in through here and pay the energy block to exchange it for a door card.” Xu Peng pointed to the door behind him.

After three days of riding in the spaceship, they were all a bit tired, so once they heard that they could rest, they all left in a short while, leaving Yan Hao standing alone in the same place.

“Little junior, why aren’t you going to take a rest?” When Xu Peng saw that Yan Hao was the only one left, he asked in a somewhat bewildered manner.

“I…. don’t have any level 6 energy blocks on me.” Yan Hao said with some embarrassment.

“You gave all to your partner?” When a mech warrior went out on a mission, he indeed had to take a lot of energy blocks, “Then do you still have the materials to make a level 6 energy block? You can make one on the spot at the table, I can provide you with the tools.”

Yan Hao shook his head. In freshman year, students weren’t required to make level 6 energy blocks at all, so he didn’t have anything on him.

“You shouldn’t do that. How can you not bring the materials needed for an energy block with you when you’ve come out for an assessment? If halfway through your partner is in danger due to lack of energy, you as his mech builder have a great responsibility.” Xu Peng lectured.

“I’ll remember.” Yan Hao nodded seriously.

Seeing his good attitude, Xu Peng’s expression eased a little: “Since you don’t have any materials, you can collect them from the materials room, but you don’t have any points, which means you have to give half of the energy blocks you make to the materials room as payment for making them. One energy block is worth three parts of the materials.”

“Okay, I’ll go now. Thank you senior.” Yan Hao thanked Xu Peng respectfully then ran off to the materials office.

Xu Peng nodded his head, satisfied, thinking that although this junior wasn’t thoughtful enough, he had a decent attitude. If trained properly, he could become a mature mech builder in the future.

Looking at them, he couldn’t help but recall his school life. It really made him nostalgic.

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