Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 53.1 Simultaneous Discipleship

What a talent this kid was. He was just a freshman and yet he had already modified a level five mech before he had even learned how to make mech parts?

Old Pang should have been happy that his student was so talented, but Yan Hao’s talent wasn’t in Mech Building nor in mental energy, but in mimetic piloting system, which put him in a somewhat delicate mood.

Even though he himself was a level ten Master Mech Builder and his attainment in mimetic systems wasn’t low, he had to be realistic and admit that as far as the study of mimetic piloting systems was concerned, he wasn’t as good as Old Zhong.

“Ugh.” All the surprise and silence eventually turned into a sigh.

“Teacher?” Yan Hao, who had always been sensitive snapped to attention at Old Pang’s sigh and thought he had done something wrong, “If you don’t agree, I’ll discuss it with Senior Sheng again.”

His teacher was right to be angry. As he was only a freshman, he wouldn’t be able to maintain the mech at all, and if he followed Senior Sheng, he would only serve as a head count. As for the piloting system, which only he could repair, that was the least damaged part of the entire mech. If the piloting system of a mech failed, it basically meant that the entire mech had to be scrapped and the sophomore combat assessment was just a practical test, so there was no way that such a major crisis would occur.

“I’m not disagreeing.” Old Pang shook his head.

Yan Hao’s eyes widened.

“As soon as I said I’m not disagreeing you’re so happy. It seems you really care about this senior of yours,” Yan Hao’s change of mood was so obvious that Old Pang couldn’t help but notice.

“En.” Yan Hao nodded, “Senior has been good to me and…. if it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into the Mech Building Department.”

“Oh?” Old Pang raised an eyebrow when he heard this, instantly having a much better impression of this senior that Yan Hao was talking about, “In that case, if you want to accompany him to the assessment, then go ahead. I’ll talk to the school.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Yan Hao was so overjoyed that he sent a message back to Sheng Heng on the spot, telling him that he would go with him for the assessment.

Old Pang waited for Yan Hao to finish sending the message before asking, “You’re only a freshman, why did you suddenly start researching mimetic piloting systems during the summer?”

“One time in class, Professor Qin was talking to us about the internal wiring of mechs. He said that the more advanced the mech, the more complex the wiring is and the harder it is to manipulate.” Yan Hao continued, “I thought at that time, if I was a Mech Building Master, what a pity it would be if I built a very powerful mech one day, but no one could pilot it because it was too difficult to operate.”

A trace of despondency flashed in Old Pang’s eyes. He was just like that; as a Level ten Mech Building Master, he could already build a level ten mech, but in the whole Federation, there was no one who could pilot a level ten mech.

“So I wondered if it was possible to simplify the operating system and then the mimetic system came naturally to me,” Yan Hao continued, “If one day mechs could also be manipulated through mimicry, then the mech warriors of the Federation would become more powerful and even more ordinary people would be able to manipulate a mech.”

“Old Pang, I’ve decided. I’m going to study the mimetic system. No matter how powerful mech is, if no one can pilot it, then it’s just a useless decoration.” A decade ago, Old Zhong suddenly came to Old Pang with these words.

With the same ideas and the same talent, Yan Hao was indeed more suitable to be Old Zhong’s disciple.

“Which do you prefer, mimetic systems or mech building?” Old Pang looked at Yan Hao, waiting for his answer.

Although he liked Yan Hao, this student very much, the more he liked him, the less he could delay his future.

“Aren’t the two one and the same?” Yan Hao asked in response to his question in disbelief, “The mimetic system is also part of mech building.”

“!” Old Pang was stunned, and then came to his senses with an enlightened realization. Yes, mimetic systems was originally part of mech building, so why did he have to separate the two?

“Hahaha ……” Suddenly seeing the light, Old Pang hit the table excitedly, “Come, come with me to the lab, I’ll tell you about mech maintenance. Your senior’s mech is a level five mech right? The sophomore assessment should still be a few days away. I’ll give you a refresher, I can’t have you go over there just to fill in the head count.”

“Okay.” Yan Hao followed hurriedly, most welcoming of Old Pang’s offer. “Teacher, Black Soul was originally a level six mech, however the system I modified was for a level five mech, so it has limited Black Soul’s performance.”

“Simply a level six mech, it’s no big deal. I’ll show you where a mech is most likely to break when fighting.” In Old Pang’s eyes, all mechs below level ten were small potatoes.

So the two went off to the lab and while Old Zhong was giving his public lecture, the two of them also had a mini-lesson in the lab. This was the first time Yan Hao had been given such close, one-on-one detailed instruction, hence he absorbed the knowledge faster than ever and as Old Pang was a Master Mech Builder, every time Yan Hao asked a question, he was able to expand on that question and develop a series of relevant knowledge points.

The knowledge was too extensive and in-depth for the average student to absorb, however Yan Hao was the kind of person who would consciously look deeper into the problems he encountered and Old Pang’s explanations quickly answered the questions he had in his mind, hence he was able to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of mech building. This was something that couldn’t be learnt in the classroom, but learnt through practice.

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