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Chapter 185 Gu Qing Yu?! Why are you here?!

Sure enough, Sir came because of his son, right?

Father Duan looked flattered, “Thank you, Sir, for taking the time to come over to attend Xing Yuan and Xiao Ai’s wedding …… Sir’s arrival is really a blessing to the Duan family ……”

Mu Xuan Qing didn’t say anything, he just nodded lightly and signaled Chen Ran to give the gift money.

Father Duan smiled from ear to ear even more.

Duan Xing Yuan, however, was going crazy. Who was he seeing?!


It was alright if Sir came to his wedding, but he brought Gu Qing Yu with him?!

Gu Qing Yu…..

When Duan Xing Yuan saw Gu Qing Yu, his heart couldn’t help but waver.

She …… was still as beautiful as he remembered and he didn’t know if it was his illusion or not, but her skin seemed fairer and more delicate…. and she seemed to be glowing, making him unable to take his eyes off her. “Xing Yuan, come and meet Sir…..”

Father Duan shouted at Duan Xing Yuan with a happy expression on his face, only to find that Duan Xing Yuan had been staring at the ……

Female companion next to Sir?

The corners of his mouth twitching, he had a bad feeling in his heart. Surely his eldest son wouldn’t be so stupid as to covet Sir’s woman, right?

Father Duan broke out into a cold sweat as he looked at Gu Qing Yu, but suddenly felt that this woman beside Sir….

Seemed to be somewhat familiar?

Father Duan had only seen Gu Qing Yu once and at that time Gu Qing Yu had just become an adult and so still looked a bit young, but now her temperament was completely different and she shone like a new person from the inside out……

So it was normal that he didn’t recognize it for a while.

Elder Master Duan wasn’t at the door welcoming the guests, because with his status, he naturally had to arrive late, but as soon as he heard that ‘Sir’ had arrived, he rushed over immediately on his crutches, “Sir, your presence is really…..”

But before Elder Master Duan could finish his words, he saw Gu Qing Yu beside Mu Xuan Qing, causing his eyes to widen.

Duan Xing Yuan grew up by his side, so he had been more concerned about him than Father Duan himself, therefore Gu Qing Yu, the former future granddaughter-in-law who had made his grandson lose his wits and sense to the point of his displeasure, was naturally his concern too. What’s more, he had met Gu Qing Yu once a few months ago and at that time she had left a deep impression on him so now that he saw her again, he naturally recognized her immediately.

Elder Master Duan suddenly even forgot how to speak, especially after seeing Gu Qing Yu’s hand on Mu Xuan Qing’s arm ……

He went into a complete state of aphasia.

Father Duan was a little confused. He felt that the atmosphere was strange, even his dad had become abnormal, but he was unable to figure out what was wrong for a while, until a voice rang out, “Gu Qing Yu?! Why are you here?!”

Gu Qing Yu looked to the side and saw Duan Yun Yun who was dressed up.

When Duan Yun Yun first saw Mu Xuan Qing, her eyes lit up, wanting to go over to welcome him. After seeing Mu Xuan Qing and her brother standing together last time in the Imperial Capital, she had always wanted to meet this imposing gentleman, however no matter how much she investigated, she couldn’t find out anything about him and she didn’t know what the h*ll was wrong with Duan Xing Yuan. No matter how many times she asked him, he wouldn’t say anything and wouldn’t tell her anything at all about who exactly that man was…

Sure enough, her brother was simply lying to her!

This man had to be her brother’s good friend. Otherwise why would he have bothered inviting him to his wedding? It had to be known that few people got invitations to this wedding today. Even the families of her good friends hadn’t been invited.

This man, who wasn’t an ordinary person, was definitely worthy of her!

She walked over excitedly, wanting Duan Xing Yuan to introduce the two of them, but as soon as she got closer and saw Gu Qing Yu beside Mu Xuan Qing, the expression on her face changed instantly.

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