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Chapter 147 Let go

Gu Qing Yu avoided his hand quickly, but the man still grabbed her hand. She frowned: “Let go.”

The man narrowed his eyes mockingly, “Miss Gu, your father is very fond of me and now that your ex fiancé’s family has pulled out, your father’s position in the company isn’t very secure… are you sure….. you want me to let go?”

Gu Qing Yu said coldly, “Yes, let go.”

The man gripped her hand tighter, making Gu Qing Yu frown as she felt the stinging pain from her arm reach her brain quickly, causing her eyes to turn red uncontrollably.

Staring at her face and reddened eyes, the man’s fancy was tickled.

With such a beautiful face and such good skin, this young lady of the Gu family was born with a beauty that was unique in the world, no wonder even the noble men from the capital fell in love with her at first sight….

Actually, he had long had his eyes on Gu Qing Yu. It wasn’t just him, but every man in S City who had seen Gu Qing Yu in person. Previously, it was only because Duan Xing Yuan was around that they, who couldn’t compete with Duan Xing Yuan’s powerful status and the even more powerful Duan family that they could only look at her with envy and jealousy, only regretting that they hadn’t learned of her existence sooner as they didn’t want to offend him…

But now, wasn’t Duan Xing Yuan engaged to another woman? She had been abandoned and her father was anxious to find her a new fiancé. To be precise, it was to find himself a profitable business partner…

Gu Wen Qiang was now in a precarious position and apart from Gu Wen Qiang himself, the Chen family, which held the majority of the Gu Group’s shares, was the most suitable candidate, right?

He was glad that his father had had the good sense to buy a lot of the Gu Group’s shares as soon as he knew about Duan Xing Yuan’s connection with the Gu family, causing him to now have this opportunity….

The man had no intention of letting go, but Gu Qing Yu didn’t want to continue this tug of war with him here, so after making sure that there was no one around, her eyes turned cold then she didn’t hesitate to stomp on him with her high heels which were particularly sharp tonight!

The man cried out and finally released his grip on her, looking at her with a twisted expression: “Gu Qing Yu, don’t act so noble! Even if you don’t want to, your father would have you married to me! I…..”

“Is that so?”

Gu Qing Yu gritted her teeth and gave him a fierce slap, her delicate little hand not soft at all when it landed on his face. The man almost flew out of the room as a result of the slap and when she saw him trying to chase after her, she sneered, turned around and left the party.

But when she reached the doors of the hotel, Gu Qing Yu felt a little helpless as she looked at the empty space outside.

Almost the entire hotel had been taken over by the Gu Group today and the people who were attending the party had all come in their own luxury cars, so she couldn’t even stop a car.

Once again, she made up her mind to get her driver’s license as soon as possible, but when she turned around to leave, she ran into a familiar embrace…..

Raising her head, Gu Qing Yu stared at the man in front of her, “Sir?!”

She sounded surprised, but her eyes were still red, “What are you doing here?”

“I came to get you.”

Mu Xuan Qing’s voice was low and sounded perfectly calm, but it was only Chen Ran, who was standing nearby who knew how upset Sir had been when he found out that Miss Gu’s father had brought her to a party to introduce her to a lot of men that he had driven himself to this place. And as soon as they arrived, saw Gu Qing Yu standing at the door.

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  1. Hmm was okay but not the best seems she still hadnt gotten rid of her body sensitivity so that pisses me off but otherwise she dealt with him

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