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Chapter 53 Meeting again

Gu Qing Yu came out of Duan family’s house and looking at the empty doorway in front of her, the corners of her mouth twitched. 

“What kind of person… you invited me over, you should at least send me back too…”

It would take at least ten minutes to walk from here to the entrance of the neighborhood, wouldn’t it?

Moreover, the neighborhood where the Duan family was located had a lot of greenery surrounding it because it was originally a mountainous area, and at this moment beautiful ginkgo leaves were floating around by the roadside, which also meant that the road here was either uphill or downhill, but this wasn’t a problem for the people who lived here, as they all had cars.

However, because she had been invited from S City by Elder Duan, she didn’t have a car at all, and the car that had originally driven her over had simply disappeared, with no intention of driving her back at all.


Gu Qing Yu grumbled in her heart. Even if there was not a chance that their engagement was happening, they couldn’t let her go back on foot, right? And it was actually raining a little…

Gu Qing Yu shivered. When she was leaving S City, Gu Wen Qiang sent her directly to the airport, and the gifts he had prepared for her to give to the elders of the Duan family, as well as the clothes and shoes she was wearing had all been purchased by him, which was very much in line with the elegant and generous style of the ladies. She felt very comfortable and beautiful in them, but…

It was so cold!

Moreover, these three inch high heels weren’t good at all!!

Gu Qing Yu walked with difficulty. This body had been pampered since childhood. Her skin was white and tender, and, after her transformation, it seemed to have become even more sensitive. The shoes she was wearing were new and yes, very beautiful, but after a few hours they rubbed her heels raw.

It hurts…

Gu Qing Yu frowned.

This body was really…

Why was it so sensitive? The heels had only rubbed the skin a little, but it actually hurt like this…

With her hair slightly drenched from the light rain and her clothes a little wet, she didn’t want to torture herself in high heels between this uphill and downhill slope, so she sat down directly by a flower bed on the side of the road, took off her shoes and carried them.

But this didn’t do her any good either.

The ground was wet, and despite the fact that it was all concrete, there was a lot of sand on it, which made her feet hurt when she stepped on it. Her eyebrows never let up and, probably because she wanted to walk faster, she didn’t pay much attention to what else was on the road besides the sand, causing her to actually step on a small stone!

Her feet were too tender and the small stone was relatively sharp, so it cut through the skin immediately, the pain causing her to burst into tears…

A pair of black shoes appeared in front of her, and when she lifted her head, she met the man’s clear and deep dark eyes…

Her eyes lit up instantly.

The man, however, frowned as he stared at her feet.

Her feet were so small that he felt he could wrap one hand around both of them, and how could the skin on her feet be so white and tender? Her skin was so easily abraded, moreover there were several red and swollen spots on her white, clear feet, which looked so obtrusive that it made him want to shield her from the slightest injury…

Also, her feet were already wet and stained with some mud and dead leaves so they should obviously be filthy, but the more he looked at them, the more he felt that her feet were delicate…

He wondered what they felt like to the touch? It had to be soft and tender…. He wondered what one bite of them would feel like?

The moment his throat moved, Mu Xuan Qing instantly felt like a pervert.

And the more he felt this way, the more indifferent he became.

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