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Chapter 128 Remember to think of me oh!

Wasn’t it time for her to also have a car for convenience sake?

However, it would be much more convenient for her to have her Fei Fei, it was just that her Fei Fei would be too high-profile on Earth and she’d be arrested if she showed him off…

Hmm, but if she could modify him to make him look just like a normal car on Earth, it would be fine.

But the most important point was…

She didn’t know how to drive a car!

Driving the cars on Earth weren’t really that hard, it was just that she didn’t have a driver’s licence!

Although the original owner had been an adult for two years, with her identity as the Eldest Miss of the Gu family, she and Gu Qing Chen were either always chauffeured around or else picked up by other men. Moreover she’d had Duan Xing Yuan at the time so she didn’t need to learn to drive herself. However at one point in time the original owner seemed to have wanted to learn how to drive, but she’d had classes to attend during the week, and Duan Xing Yuan had to work, making it to that they didn’t have much time to date, however Duan Xing Yuan had come up with a reason to prevent her from learning how to drive, and that was that the rare weekends that they had together were even shorter, so she didn’t need to learn.

Moreover she’d get a tan easily, plus she wouldn’t need it later.

After becoming the young lady of the Duan family, why would she need to drive herself?

The original owner had felt that Duan Xing Yuan had a point, so she really didn’t learn how to drive and spent her time with Duan Xing Yuan instead.

Every time Gu Qing Yu thought of this, she became speechless. The original owner had really trained herself to be a young, young lady who would need to rely on men in the future….

But, she wouldn’t train herself that way.

It was decided, she would get her driving licence down pat quickly and Iet her Fei Fei see the light of day again!

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes shone brightly, but Mu Xuan Qing was a little uncomfortable.

In the past, whenever he was beside her, she would always look at him with glowing eyes, but at this moment, he was right beside her but he didn’t know what she was thinking about that she looked so happy…

It really put one in a bad mood…..

It had been a long time since Mu Xuan Qing had felt this kind of huge ups and downs in his emotions, but he didn’t think much of it, because they had arrived at Gu Qing Yu’s place and when he got out of the car, Gu Qing Yu shoved another iced hawthorn candy into his hand and winked at him:

“Sir, remember to think of me oh!”

And with that, she skipped up the stairs happily.

Before entering the elevator, she turned around with a light step and waved at him with an unmistakable smile on her face…

Then her figure disappeared.

The lights on the sixth floor came on.

Only then did Mu Xuan Qing withdraw his gaze and look at the candy stick in his hand. The handle of the candy still carried her warmth at the moment as it had just been in her hands…


Chen Ran appeared just then, got into the driver’s seat, and started reporting,

“Sir, it has been investigated clearly. Those thugs that tried to harm Miss Gu just now were sent by a woman, and that woman is…”

Chen Ran hesitated a little, but still continued, “It’s Sir’s niece, Miss Mu Ai.”

“Mu Ai?”

Mu Xuan Qing frowned.

He hadn’t expected that the person who would try to harm Gu Qing Yu, would be someone from his family…

He remembered that Mu Ai was the daughter of his second brother, who was more than ten years older than him and that she had been spoiled since she was a child and that because she had to have everything go her way, his second sister-in-law wasn’t too hard on her. Although he didn’t remember much, and couldn’t even remember what she looked like, he did remember that Mu Ai wasn’t bad in any way and that she was one of the promising children of the Mu family.

She had no enmity with Gu Qing Yu, neither did she even have any involvement with her, so how could she have found someone to do harm her? And even be so vicious as to ask them to cut the tendons in her hand?

Mu Xuan Qing’s body started to exude a chill.

Chen Ran knew what he was wondering and said, “I’ve just checked. Although Miss Mu Ai doesn’t know Miss Gu, they aren’t uninvolved.”

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Not going to question her ability to smash people into walls. Well that was nice, guess its time for her to make a move on the thot now that she’s home. Also modifying him into a car is cool and all but as long as his functions of being a space ship aren’t destroyed in anyway

  2. Chen Ran did you check hard enough? I mean the fact that she’s engaged to that Duan guy should of been the top news that pop up when you look into her.

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