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Chapter 229 His past

Shen Jianan had a very deep impression of what had happened at that time. Half of the dozen teenagers had died, and some of the children who had survived had various odd physical problems. Some had lost their memories, some had simply lost their minds and turned into demented people and some had become like sensitive beasts, wary of everything around them and not allowing anyone to come near them… …

If you asked them what had happened, none of them knew for sure.

The one who seemed the most normal and recovered the fastest was Mu Xuan Qing.

Mu Xuan Qing had also obviously been in great shock at that time, and he had problems with his health, even almost dying at one point and neither Chinese nor Western medicine could cure him.

He became silent and didn’t say a word, yet everyone slowly discovered that his strength had become immense and his five senses had become so acute that he could sometimes even sense a car driving past a hundred meters away, and could even clearly tell how many people were in that car and what their exact physical features were, as if he had seen them with his own eyes ……

Although he used to be a talent, he had only been an average talent, but after that, Mu Xuan Qing reached the point where he could never forget anything, and as long as he read a book once, he could remember even a word without missing a word, and could even mime the punctuation marks. He remembered people he had met once, scented them once, and heard their voices once. ……

Compared to the other teenagers who looked like failures, Mu Xuan Qing seemed to be the only one among them who was a complete product.

However, the complete product was still flawed, and every once in a while he would be tested for life and death. When they sent him back to C Country, the doctor the Shen family knew once shook his head and told them that even though the teenager had returned, he wouldn’t live long…..

But to their surprise, he survived and lived to tell the tale. He used those miraculous powers of his to accomplish many feats that ordinary people couldn’t do and did great things for C Country.

His personality changed drastically. He didn’t like to talk, he never smiled again, and, he isolated himself from everyone he knew, and hardly ever even went home again ……

Since the Shen family had been involved, Shen Jianan knew a lot of things back then.

He was glad that the teenager hadn’t died and that he had become stronger and stronger, and he was even as respectful and fearful of him as the others who knew about Mu Xuan Qing.

After all, although Mu Xuan Qing was young, his strength had grown to a terrifying degree, so terrifying that when Shen Jianan listened to some of the things he had done, he was amazed and impressed, but also a little creeped out.

Mu Xuan Qing was no ordinary person.

Nor was he necessarily someone that the Shen family could control.

So how were he and his niece… connected?

Shen Jianan had a bit of a headache.

Mu Xuan Qing was too dangerous, not only to himself but also to those who stayed around him.

That was why he was reluctant to allow his niece, whom he had managed to find, stay with such a dangerous man.

However Mu Xuan Qing’s character wasn’t to be questioned. He had never seen him do anything bad in all these years, rather everything was for the benefit of the country and the people and he even kept a very low profile to keep the outside world in the dark. In terms of women, he was also very clean. He was obviously very powerful that he could have all kinds of women, and there were even people who constantly sent all kinds of beauty to his side…

But there was only one end to all of them. They were all thrown out by Mu Xuan Qing and the ones who would send a beauty to him would have also offended him completely.

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Well, this provides a teeny bit of insight into Mu Xuan Qing’s history, though we still don’t have the details of what happened to him. At the start of the story I had the impression he was some kind of immortal who had lived for multiple generations and thus distanced himself from his family.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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