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Chapter 156 Stop pretending to be a ghost

On the other side of the ocean, Gu Qing Chen gritted her teeth with hatred when she saw that the comments on Weibo had turned from hating Gu Qing Yu to trying to find out who her real boyfriend was and what the movie she was working on with Zhuang Zi Yi was about.

But the next second, her phone screen suddenly flashed and then it just jammed.

Gu Qing Chen was stunned, “What is happening?”

Then she watched as her phone opened a file by itself and suddenly there was a big red line of text on it–

“Gu Qing Chen, was it fun?”

Gu Qing Chen’s eyes widened, so shocked that she threw her cell phone away!

Unfortunately, her phone was so good that the screen didn’t even crack, causing her to see the next line of text appear on it clearly…..

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be even more fun!”

Then the text was followed by a very bloody looking smile.

Gu Qing Chen trembled all over, feeling as if she had fallen into hell, “No, it must have been hacked….. Gu, Gu Qing Yu…. is that you?”

On the screen, the text suddenly disappeared, then, a female ghost with a bloodied face suddenly appeared. The three-dimensional feeling it gave was very realistic, such that it was like the female ghost was about to come out of the screen!

“Ah ah ah…..”

Gu Qing Chen let out a terrified scream and kicked the phone away violently, but the horrific sound of the ghostly effects from the phone continued, filling the room.

The TV on the wall suddenly turned on by itself then a horror movie started playing automatically, with a man covered in blood and holding an axe rushing towards her from the huge TV screen!

Recoiling in horror, Gu Qing Chen run frantically towards the door despite the fact that she was still in her pyjamas, only to find that the electronic lock was completely locked and no matter what she did, she couldn’t open it with either the code or the key!

“Who is it?! Stop pretending to be a ghost… ah…”

Gu Qing Chen screamed as her robot sweeper suddenly rushed towards her with a weird smiley symbol on it and as she was already in a state of panic, the robot sweeper scared her stiff. She ran upstairs in terror only to discover that her computer had also been turned on automatically, and suddenly a bloody red line of text appeared on it:

“Having fun? Come, come and play with me…..”

Blood was even dripping from the three words but it didn’t look like it was something being shown from behind the screen, but like real blood dripping out of the screen….

Gu Qing Chen was almost about to go crazy.

Throughout the night, she was so frightened by all the electronic devices in the house that she could only cower under the covers, but what she had just seen kept playing on a loop in her mind.

Gu Qing Chen was so agitated that she couldn’t speak until the next day when she heard the neighbors’ voices outside. Trembling, she rushed to the window to ask for help but after the neighbors called the police for her, they found that her house was fine. The news was playing on the TV, her cell phone was fine, her computer was already turned off and the locks were okay….

“Ma’am, how about… I refer you to a doctor?”


Gu Qing Chen paled. She wasn’t mentally ill, it was the electronics that had problems…

Yes, it wasn’t a ghost. Someone was trying to mess with her!

Gu Qing Yu, it was definitely Gu Qing Yu!

Only she would do this to her, because how else could there be such a coincidence? She’d just schemed against her and then this happened….

Gu Qing Yu must have paid a hacker to scare her like this….

Gu Qing Chen gritted her teeth in hatred, “Gu, Qing, Yu!!!”

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