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Chapter 279 Who exactly is this man?

“Impossible, right? Not talking about the others, that tech bigwig is a professor at our Imperial University, the kind that has several patents. How can such a person listen to Shen Jianian easily?”

“The designer seems to be very arrogant too, because a certain movie queen offended her before. She even directly posted out a scolding, and the capital behind the movie queen threatened her to no avail.”

“Everyone go and see, Shen Jianian’s son Shen Ruiyi has posted something!!!”

Shen Ruiyi was Shen Jianian’s son. If Shen Jianian really cheated on his wife, Shen Ruiyi wouldn’t be happy and he would never hide it on his father’s behalf. After all, his mother was still alive.

Everyone flocked to Shen Ruiyi’s account, only to find that he had directly sent a lawyer’s letter, “Repost enough for it to reach 500 and then one can file a case. My old man is very unhappy. He came out with his niece and some people just had to be dirty-minded and slander him. I have taken evidence, so deleting it is pointless.”.”

“Nie…. Niece?!”

“Am I seeing right? Gu Qing Yu is Shen Jianian’s niece? Biological? When did this happen?”

“No way, right? So Shen Ruiyi is Gu Qing Yu’s real cousin?”

“To describe someone’s own uncle as the big boss who is raising her, tsk, no wonder the big boss is angry. Really just opening their mouths to spread rumors. I support the sending of a lawyer’s letter!”

“Then Gu Qing Yu’s background is too impressive. Her father is the richest man in S City and her mother is the daughter of the Shen family…. she is too low profile. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say anything about her relationship with the Shen family before….”

“What richest man in S City? That was 800 years ago. Who doesn’t know that now, Gu Wen Qiang is no longer the richest man in S City? He’s already a monk, okay?”

“I’ve suddenly remembered something. A few years ago Gu Qing Yu, seems to have been in the news a few times where it was reported that Gu Wen Qiang and his later wife and daughter didn’t seem to be very good to her? Then ending up like this, isn’t it because of the Shen family….”

All of a sudden, everyone was talking about the relationship between Gu Qing Yu and the Shen family.

At the same time, Gu Qing Yu, who was rarely seen at parties was at one and also found out about what was happening on Weibo, however she didn’t take it seriously. Other people’s opinions didn’t affect her at all, but this time it involved Shen Jianian, so she couldn’t just let it go.

So Gu Qing Yu took to Weibo for the first time in a long time and posted a picture of herself with Shen Jianian, Shen Ruiyi, and…. Mu Xuan Qing.

She didn’t explain, but the meaning of the picture was very clear, because in it, she was in Mu Xuan Qing’s arms.

“So Gu Qing Yu is really Shen Jianian’s niece! My pals and I are stunned! She’s too low-key, right? I doubt even Duan Xing Yuan knew about her relationship with Shen Jianian, otherwise how could he have given her up in the first place? It is said that he wasn’t too fond of the wife he married later and so got divorced and remarried in less than a year.”

“The Duan family doesn’t know +1. I heard that when the holographic technology first came out last year, the Duan family tried to work with the Shen family, but it failed in the end. Now, I think I know why the Duan family failed….”

“That’s not the point, is it? The point is, who is this man beside Gu Qing Yu!”

“Yes, this man is so handsome, isn’t he? The way he looks at Gu Qing Yu is so gentle and loving and seeing him, I feel as if I’m seeing the male protagonist from countless books come to life…..”

“Have you guys noticed? The auras of Shen Jianian and Shen Ruiyi in this picture don’t seem to be as strong as they are in other pictures. Their aura is completely overpowered by this man…. Who exactly is this man?”

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