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Chapter 54 Great, you’re not dead!

Mu Xuan Qing looked down at the woman in front of him and asked, “Do you need help?”

Gu Qing Yu looked up at the man holding the large black umbrella in front of her, only to feel the constant energy coming from his body. It was both warm and comfortable, even causing the pain in her feet to disappear instantly.

She nodded without hesitation, her eyes fixed on him, glowing as if she had seen her prey.


She held her arms out towards him with a straight face like a little child asking for a hug.


After a few seconds of silence, the man reached out with one hand, grabbed her hand and pulled her in one….

Gu Qing Yu complied, jumping straight into his arms!


Far away, Chen Ran, who had driven over with a few guards to pick their Sir up, stared wide-eyed as he gulped…

Did they, by any chance, see wrongly?

Their Sir, actually hugged and held a girl? No! No, to be precise, their Sir pulled the girl into his arms just now, didn’t he? They weren’t blind, were they? They weren’t blind, right?!

Mu Xuan Qing gave Chen Ran and the others a warning glance before he looked somewhat uncomfortably at the girl in his arms.

Her body was soft and small, as if she was born for his embrace, and when she flung herself into his arms, she was an uncanny fit in his arms…..

His breath choked and his grip on her hand tightened.

Then, he saw the girl in he arms look up and then say with a smile, “Great, you’re not dead!”


Not far away, Chen Ran choked on his saliva.

The corner of Mu Xuan Qing’s mouth twitched a little.

He tried to push her away, but Gu Qing Yu, like a koala, wrapped her arms around his waist directly as she clung to him, not letting go.

“My feet hurt, carry me.”

Surprisingly, there was a bit of grievance in her voice.


Mu Xuan Qing originally didn’t like coquettish girls and found them troublesome, but at this moment, as the girl in his arms blinked her eyes that were as bright as the starry sky as she stared at him intently, her soft body not letting go in his arms, and her voice so soft that it tantalized his heart like a ball of candyfloss rubbing against it, tickling it, he couldn’t bring himself to push her away.

Looking down at her red and swollen feet, his throat moved, and his other hand actually wrapped around her waist subconsciously and with one move lifted her whole body up easily, and then, put her down again…..

Qing Yu lowered her head to see her feet stepping on his leather shoes, which were of excellent quality and extremely soft and comfortable to stand on.

She subconsciously lifted her feet and stepped on his shoes a few times like a child stepping on the waves excitedly after coming out to play on the beach for the first time.

It was reasonable to say that although she was thin, she wasn’t short and although she wasn’t heavy, she weighed more than forty kilos, so when she stepped on him, he should be in pain, however looking at his expression, it didn’t look like it.

Narrowing her eyes, a bad idea suddenly went off in Gu Qing Yu’s mind and she stepped on him a little harder.

It was true that Mu Xuan Qing wasn’t in pain, it was only itchy.

The amount of weight, and the amount of force on her part was about the same as a tickle to him, oh, maybe the heavier equivalent of a massage.

He lowered his eyelashes and gestured for the car on the side to come closer. When the black, low-profile car pulled up next to him, Gu Qing Yu’s eyes lit up. Finally, she could stop walking!

Without hesitation, she let go of him and got into the back seat of the car.

The person in his arms disappeared instantly, but the warmth and faint fragrance he felt when she was in his arms still lingered, yet Mu Xuan Qing somehow felt a void. He lowered his eyes, his brows tightening then loosening as he also sat down in the car.

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