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Chapter 249 The change in him was too terrifying!

Only a woman like this was worthy of their Sir.

And on this earth, only Sir, could protect Madam and keep her pampered and worry free.

For the first time, Mu Xuan Qing was free of any worries. More than ten years of worry had finally been completely put aside and he felt like the carefree teenager he used to be, no longer having any worries.

Gu Qing Yu was the one who could feel it most clearly, because the change in him was too terrifying!

He no longer had any scruples or worries about anything, so it was almost like he stuck to her every day regardless of day or night, and for the first three days he even used up her weekend and Monday. She was initially afraid of the sensation of her body being out of her control; after all, being sensitive to the extreme had brought her close to breaking down a few times, but in that breaking down there was an addictive and strange sensation that she both loved and feared.

The good thing was that she still had to go to class and he had no intention of not letting her go. Many of the professors in the university were now unable to teach her much, after all she wasn’t the original owner. She was someone with a superb memory and the ability to reproduce anything she saw. She could remember the theoretical knowledge she had seen once completely, and the drawings she had seen, she could analyze how to draw each step and once she put her brush to paper, she wouldn’t fail to draw it. Later on in the whole university, apart from Stallone, there were really not many professors who could teach her anything. Furthermore, her level had surpassed many of them, to the point where every time they saw her, they had the feeling of the student having surpassed the master.

So she didn’t go to the classes that weren’t useful to her often, and the teachers didn’t mind because they knew the student was already better than them, so what else could they teach her? If she didn’t show up, they could relax a little; otherwise, there would always be a sense of nervousness during class that their leader or senior, who knew everything, was there to inspect the class.

But now, Gu Qing Yu just wished to go to every class, because now Mu Xuan Qing just stayed with her almost every day and didn’t even go to the Imperial Capital anymore.

And he, who had so easily discovered his freedom of mind, was simply carefree, like an adolescent….

Especially in certain areas. After experiencing something once, he simply wanted to do it again and again and even learned to draw inferences from others.

She preferred to go back to school to attend classes in peace and quiet.

When she returned to school, Gu Qing Yu discovered that news about Zhuang Jing had spread throughout the school, which wasn’t surprising, given that there had been many people who had attended the awards ceremony that day, all of whom studied art, and many of them had failed to enter the competition, so why would they allow a plagiarist to win first prize over them?

Zhuang Jing was only a freshman, but her reputation had already spread throughout the School of Fine Arts and she had even made a name for herself in some of the other major art schools in C Country.

She was so humiliated that she didn’t dare to come to school for a whole week. If it hadn’t been for her counsellor calling to urge her to come back, she wouldn’t have returned.

“Zi Han…”

Zhuang Jing bit her lower lip as she looked at her boyfriend, feeling very hurt.

Shao Zi Han had stopped answering her calls since the award ceremony when it was established that she had plagiarized Gu Qing Yu’s painting, and he had ignored her when she went to see him in the past few days.

“Don’t follow me.” Shao Zi Han’s eyes were filled with disgust as he looked at her, “Zhuang Jing, even if you didn’t win the prize I wouldn’t have hated you, so why did you do such a thing? Do you know how humiliating it is for me that you did that? What’s more, even if you plagiarized someone’s work, did you have to plagiarize Gu Qing Yu’s…..”

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