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Chapter 308 Mission

Mu Ai quickly joined the Research Institute as a receptionist.

Although she was only a receptionist, the mission could be regarded as a success.

Mu Ai said proudly, “I’ve succeeded, what’s the reward?”

In his mind, No. 00 thought that this woman was really stupid. The first thing she thought about were these useless rewards for her appearance, but he knew he had to keep sweetening her up in order to get her to continue working for him.

No. 00 gave Mu Ai a draw straight away and under his control, Mu Ai was only able to draw the perfect body reward on the virtual panel. Mu Ai was a little disappointed, “It’s not youth forever…”

No. 00 cursed in his mind. Without enough energy, how could ordinary humans stay young forever? Had this Mu Ai read too much to think that such a thing was possible? A perfect body alone would cost him a lot of energy……

He needed to get more energy soon.

Mu Ai muttered, “But a perfect body is also good. For me to be young forever, if my looks are also forever, then I need to have a perfect face and body to be forever…..”

The corner of No. 00’s mouth twitched then he didn’t even bother with her.

Mu Ai had managed to get into the lab, but she was very quiet at first, because what did a receptionist need to do? The researchers here were mostly in the labs and for about ten days to almost half a month, they rarely had guests in the institute, so frankly speaking, she was just a decorative vase.

However Mu Ai didn’t care. She didn’t work more than eight hours a day anyway and whenever her time was up she would just leave.

What she didn’t know was that by staying at the front desk, No. 00 was able to secretly scan all the lab’s structures and settings, but as he had limited energy and because he was afraid of being discovered by Gu Qing Yu, he only dared to probe carefully little by little every day.

Finally, when Mu Ai started to get a little impatient sitting at the front desk and playing with her phone all day long, No. 00 decided to take action, giving her a new mission: entering the lab.

And, it was entering the most important lab in the Research Institute which only a few senior researchers could access.

He could feel that there was energy inside.

Mu Ai frowned when she heard the mission that she was given. Although she had nothing better to do than play with her phone, she knew very well that the security of the Institute was very strict and that the laboratory wasn’t accessible to ordinary researchers. In the entire Research Institute, there were only a handful of people who could enter that place. She was just a receptionist, how could she get in?

“System, isn’t this mission too difficult? Besides, what’s the use of going in there?”

No. 00 responded: “There is naturally something useful for you in there. Don’t you think it’s strange? It’s already been a few years but Gu Qing Yu and Mu Xuan Qing still look exactly the same as before…. They don’t have a system but, they have something else….”

Mu Ai’s eyes lit up, “You mean what they’re working on is…..”

A miracle drug that made people look forever youthful?!

Mu Ai was immediately moved. No. 00 ridiculed her innocence inside while saying, “Yes, and you can only get it by completing the mission. But what if you get the results from Gu Qing Yu’s lab? You can even find someone to make it yourself, create your own company and brand and sell it to the world. By then, you will not only be the most beautiful, but also the most powerful woman….”

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