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Chapter 171 Cooperation

However, Gu Qing Yu made it clear that Fei Fei Studios could do special effects for other movies, but not for animated movies, but for live action movies.

Zhuang Zi Yi agreed and hoped that they, Lingyi Animation and Fei Fei Studios, will be able to take a temporary leadership position in animated movies so that they could grow.

Gu Qing Yu had similar thoughts, after all, things were precious because they were rare, and the previous animated movies, [Little Green Dragon] and [Star] made both Ling Yi Animations and Fei Fei Studio popular because of their above-industry quality, but if this quality became universal, then their status and influence would be affected and their next movies wouldn’t be as high as these two.

“We should keep the goodies within the family, so how about, we deepen our cooperation a bit more?”

Zhuang Zi Yi looked at Gu Qing Yu with glowing eyes, but they both knew that he was only looking at her like this because of work, not because of any feelings between a man and a woman.


With Zhuang Zi Yi’s company as a cover, her studio alone wouldn’t be exposed too easily, nor would her goals be too obvious; Fei Fei’s studio was too weak and needed someone like Zhuang Zi Yi with a backbone and background to work in order to thrive.

So, Zhuang Zi Yi and Gu Qing Yu signed a contract where Gu Qing Yu would do the special effects for at least ten animated movies for Zhuang Zi Yi and she would get a 20% share of the box office for these ten movies.

However this was subject to the proviso that Fei Fei Studios wouldn’t do any more special effects for other animated movies in the industry.

As Gu Qing Yu had no intention of doing that, the two parties agreed to it very quickly.

And Zhuang Zi Yi also helped Fei Fei’s studio make connections, so that people who wanted Fei Fei’s studio to do special effects for them would go directly to him, and he would then go to Gu Qing Yu, which of course had its advantages, apart from the monetary benefits, Zhuang Zi Yi also made a lot of contacts with many people in the industry, while Gu Qing Yu became a behind the scenes person.

But Gu Qing Yu didn’t care, because with the technology in hand, Fei Fei’s studio would definitely develop more and more, and ……

She really didn’t want to deal with these things, so she might as well just leave it to someone who was good at it.

Gu Qing Yu’s message was conveyed by Zhuang Zi Yi, but those who came to him were basically those who wanted to do animated movies, after all, their movies were also animated, so those in the industry were surprised and hesitant to hear that Fei Fei Studio was willing to work with them, but only on live action movies. This was because no one had seen how well Fei Fei Studio could do special effects on other movie categories apart from animated movies.

But the good thing was, there were still some companies that were willing to try.

On the other hand, LILA, creators of [Princess An An] didn’t like Fei Fei Studio at first, however, after studying the animated movie, they had to admit that there was a reason why Fei Fei Studio was so popular. It was because the script, graphics, background and special effects of the movie were really superior to theirs. From comparison, they could see, that Ling Yi Animations’ previous movie [Little Green Dragon] had a good script and great background, but the special effects were not as good as [Star]’s so naturally didn’t do as well as it did at the box office, but after working with Fei Fei Studio, [Star] became a legend!

So if Ling Yi Animations could do it, they could do it too.

At first, LILA Movies was planning to make an animated movie, but to their surprise, Fei Fei Studio announced that they would only make live action movies, and while other companies were still hesitant, LILA Movies took the plunge and brought out a movie they had recently planned to release.

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5 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. I’m not sure I understand the contract. Does this mean she can’t release her own animated movies? She can only do special effects for Ling Yi’s movies?

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. What the fuçk makes no sense is she or is she not making animated movies anymore makes no sense. The wording is not good if its talking about she will only help others with live action. Either way why does she care about not having power you could literary make a fake water army and lots of other stuff for power or just hack them into oblivion

    1. Meaning of their contract:
      She can only do the special effects for animated movies for only the two of them (She Gu Qing Yu and Zhuang Zi Yi) in order for quality to be preserved and do special effects for whatever other genre here it’s- live action movies (meaning the movies we watch like on YouTube maybe) but she can do her own animated movies independent of Zhuang Zi Yi, it’s just that for their agreement, the special effects that she and her Studio can do should be reserved only for her animated movies and Zhuang Zi Yi’s company (doing at least 10 beyond that the contract is not binding).

      Sorry if the explanation is all over the place.

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