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Chapter 122 He was the first person she met when she arrived on Earth

After all, he was the first person she met when she arrived on Earth.

So Gu Qing Yu thought to herself, she would no longer cling to Mu Xuan Qing’s blood because staying by his side felt the same anyways, moreover, if she worked a little harder, and earned more money and created the research equipment found on her planet, collecting energy would no longer be so difficult.

So, the first and utmost thing… was still to make money.

Zhuang Ziyi’s movie was about to be released. In fact, his movie had almost been finished long ago, it was just that he wasn’t very satisfied with the background of some important scenes, that was why he kept putting it off, but now with Gu Qing Yu’s painting, he was stimulated and therefore pulled his team to work overtime and successfully finished the movie.

He had already set up a team to build his own company just two years after graduating, and his career was flourishing.

He had a mysterious background and a wide range of contacts, so it didn’t take long for his recently completed animated film to pass muster and the release wasn’t a problem.

Gu Qing Yu had also started to work on her animation. Her intelligent brain had already been installed. It looked like an ordinary computer on the outside, even a bit old, not like one that was used by the daughter of the richest man in S City, but the actual fact was that it was like a whole other universe inside.

She started to try out the software she made with Earth’s code first.

And since it was just a test, she didn’t plan to put much effort into it, so she decided to start with a shorter animation first.

The script was… simple, so she’d use her Fei Fei as the main character.

Her Fei Fei was one of the best ships on their planet. It had escaped death countless times with her, and even when they’d had to leave, had stayed quietly with her. He was her most trusted companion!

As she was thinking this, Fei Fei moved, seemingly happy.

She smiled in her heart as she touched her necklace, “Fei Fei, don’t worry, I will make lots of money and get lots and lots of energy, so that you can regain your original form and fly freely!”

Her necklace warmed up in response.

After she finished saying this, she began creating her animation. She was a little unskilled at first, but soon, her speed picked up.

If Zhuang Zi Yi were here at the moment, he would have been shocked, because what would take them days or even half a month to make, Gu Qing Yu finished in less than half an hour, and what’s more, the result wasn’t inferior to theirs at all!

Dawn broke.

Gu Qing Yu had spent two hours to quickly produce a small animation that was only ten minutes long.

Opening a certain well known original video site, she quickly registered and posted the short video. The little animation called ‘Fei Fei’s Adventures’ was quickly submerged in the pile of original videos in the backstage of K Station. The children’s animation like beginning looked ordinary so it didn’t attract anyone’s attention.

The K Station review guy yawned. He had been up all night reviewing content and was just about to turn in and go to bed when he saw Gu Qing Yu’s video. The name seemed like a good one, moreover what could a children’s animation have that wouldn’t pass muster? As long as there was no gore or violence, then there was no problem.

He clicked on it, not really looking at it as he dragged the progress bar to make sure that there were no elements that shouldn’t be there in order to approve it quickly, but he didn’t expect that just as he started dragging the bar, he was so shocked by the dazzling, cinematic images in front of him that he lost all sense of sleep!

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