Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 25 Just refuse it once or twice

Mrs. Gu’s face turned pale suddenly, “Wen Qiang, you can’t do this…”

Gu Wen Qiang’s eyes sharpened, “Why? It’s okay for it to be Qing Yu but not Qing Chen? Wasn’t it the two of you who kept telling me yesterday that Qing Yu now has a bad reputation and would be scolded even when walking outside and that if she is married abroad, she can relax well and also implied that Chen Anguo likes her very much?”

Gu Qing Yu sneered when she heard this as she walked out of the kitchen, food in her hands.

This mother and daughter were really…

This pillow talk was too obvious.

However, the pillow talk was only useful because Gu Wen Qiang himself felt the same way, that was why their words worked. If he didn’t have such thoughts, how could he decide to marry her off abroad in one day and even decide on a candidate for her?

If it hadn’t been for the last straw added by Gu Wen Qiang, the original owner might not have jumped off the building at all….

Since she had gotten the body of the original owner, she naturally had to help her fulfill her last wish…

Gu Wen Qiang was ruthless enough and such ruthlessness and businessman’s profit-seeking instinct allowed him to get to this point, however, she really disagreed with this unscrupulous way of using everyone except for himself as a tool…

But he was using it on Gu Qing Chen now, so she didn’t need to stop it.

She didn’t even look at them, and just sat at the table and started to eat.

Gu Wen Qiang frowned, looking at her uncomfortably.

It was okay if she came back without telling him, but even if it was like this, she was also eating by herself first in advance. Did she even regard him as a parent?


Thinking that she might still be angry, he took a deep breath. Forget it, he would temporarily tolerate her capriciousness. After all, he had really been too impatient yesterday, so it was normal for Qing Yu to be angry.

He looked at Gu Qing Chen and her mother and said in a firm tone: “It’s decided! Qing Chen, go and pack your things. I’ll take you to see Chen Anguo tomorrow. Chen Anguo will be leaving the country in a few days. In this way, you can just escape the rumors.”

He was aware of how many people were scolding Gu Qing Chen online.

The reputation of this daughter had been ruined, not to mention the imperial capital, even in S City, there wouldn’t be any wealthy family who would accept such a vicious-minded daughter-in-law who even calculated against her own sister…

Since this was the case, then it was better to marry her off abroad. Chen Anguo wasn’t inferior to those rich kids here, except for the fact that he was a little older and a little bit more carefree. Moreover, Gu Qing Chen had her mother’s gentleness, so even if Chen Anguo had a mistress, her status as Mrs. Chen wouldn’t be shaken, so there was nothing to worry about.


Gu Qing Chen cried out in despair, but Mrs. Gu could see that Gu Wen Qiang was determined to do this. If they opposed him now, it would only make him more angry, so they could only agree to it first, then think of a way…..

She dragged the crying Gu Qing Chen upstairs.

Gu Wen Qiang sat at the dining table and asked a servant to bring him something to eat. After taking a few bites, he asked Gu Qing Yu: “Did you change your number?”

Gu Qing Yu had cancelled the original owner’s number this morning.

Gu Qing Yu nodded lightly, “Hmm.”

“Xing Yuan called me today. He said he wants to meet you to apologize for misunderstanding you… but he couldn’t get through to you.” Gu Wen Qiang tried his best to say cordially, “Xing Yuan didn’t mean it. Which normal man wouldn’t get angry… when he sees his fiancée with another man? He’s angry because he loves you, so call him later. If he invites you out, just refuse it once or twice.”

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