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Chapter 155 Shao Zihan liked Gu Qing Yu!

When Zhuang Jing returned home, she was so happy that she couldn’t sleep as she tossed and turned so she started to swipe through Weibo for a while and saw that Gu Qing Yu was on the hot search but what shocked her even more, was that there was something about her new boyfriend on it!

As Zhuang Jing looked at the picture of Shao Zihan carrying the delivery packages for Gu Qing Yu, the expression on her face turned ugly.

Back in high school, she had fallen in love with Shao Zihan at first sight because he had helped her carry her things…..

So now that she was seeing him being so considerate to another woman, she wasn’t very happy.

What was even worse was that she looked at the comments and followed the trail to the forum of S University and found several postings dedicated to Shao Zihan and Gu Qing Yu. It turns out that the two had something going on between them!

Zhuang Jing looked at the Shao Zihan who was looking at Gu Qing Yu affectionately as she drew, looked at the Shao Zihan who was standing next to Gu Qing Yu in the group picture when they went out sketching, looked at the many pictures of Shao Zihan….

All these different sides of Shao Zihan were ones she had never seen before, but all these sides of Shao Zihan in the pictures were looking at Gu Qing Yu!

Shao Zihan liked Gu Qing Yu!

This was something that could be felt just by looking at the pictures.

They had just been together for a few hours, but Zhuang Jing’s excitement didn’t last for long as it was extinguished by these pictures.

She was so angry that she wanted everyone to hate Gu Qing Yu along with her, but many netizens online had stopped calling Gu Qing Yu names because of the clarification given by the people involved in the scandal, so even though she continued to insult Gu Qing Yu online, some netizens advised her to stop the cyber bullying because the issue had already been clarified.

But Zhuang Jing knew very well that Shao Zihan liked Gu Qing Yu!

Thinking of last night at the celebration party when she had followed his gaze which led to her seeing her brother chatting on the balcony with Gu Qing Yu, Zhuang Jing couldn’t suppress her anger……

Shao Zihan liked Gu Qing Yu. Even now he liked her!

And it was…. More than he liked her, because Shao Zihan had never looked at her the way he looked at Gu Qing Yu!

Zhuang Jing couldn’t wait to find an ally to join her in scolding Gu Qing Yu and to deal with Gu Qing Yu together, so she had turned to Wei Ling Ling…

The sister-in-law she had acknowledged.

Her sister-in-law had only been abroad for a while, yet Gu Qing Yu was hitting on her brother!

What talk about cooperation? Did they need to talk about a cooperation on such an occasion? Did the two need to talk in secret? Not to mention that her brother even sent Gu Qing Yu home afterwards, and the time they had used to discuss a cooperation was also too long!

Zhuang Jing didn’t think she was wrong in the slightest, because Gu Qing Yu was already hitting on her brother!

That disgusting woman. Did she think that after flirting with so many men she could just upload a picture of her kissing a man and then everything will be clarified? If she was so open and honest, why didn’t she show her boyfriend’s face? If at a particular point in time she was asked who the man was, wouldn’t she just say it was someone else and be done with it?

“Enough, Jing Jing. Your brother wouldn’t do that and besides that girl is very beautiful, so it’s very normal for her to have a lot of guys pursuing her. Stop concerning yourself with this and right, don’t bring her up in front of your boyfriend, otherwise he will definitely be angry, understand?” On the other end of the line, Wei Ling Ling said unhurriedly.

Zhuang Jing was a little frustrated as she hadn’t succeeded in getting Wei Ling Ling to join her in scolding Gu Qing Yu. Sigh, her sister-in-law was just too kind, gentle and generous. No wonder her brother liked her…..

Zhuang Jing hung up the phone in disappointment.

But on the other end, the Wei Ling Ling that Zhuang Jing thought was gentle and generous stared at the picture of Gu Qing Yu and Shao Zihan for a long time after hanging up….

“Da*n it…. Actually being turned around so easily by such a woman….”

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Ugh. Can’t novels portray women actually confident in their relationships and trusting their partners? I know they’re cannon fodder, and used as a tool to make the mc look better, but I wish authors could add in emotionally stable women who aren’t the main characters or their best friends. I mean, I like the story, but sometimes seeing these women over and over again brings me out of my enjoyment ngl

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