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Chapter 236 Mr. Sun, am I your biological daughter?

She was so jealous of Gu Qing Yu. After learning that Gu Qing Yu got the heart of the man she loved and then knowing that Gu Qing Yu’s mother had once stolen the heart of her dad which her mom desired as well….

Her self-esteem was crushed to dust.

So she decided to find Gu Qing Yu first.

“Gu Qing Yu, is my father your biological father?” Sun Caiyu asked directly.

She needed an answer, an answer as to whether her father had betrayed her mother and whether they had lost to Gu Qing Yu and her mother.

Then…. she would decide what she wanted to do.

Even if…. even if Gu Qing Yu was really her father’s daughter, she would never admit it!

She would even…..

She would find a way to make sure that Gu Qing Yu could never appear in front of her father again….

Sun Caiyu thought to herself.

However she didn’t expect that Gu Qing Yu didn’t give a damn about being the daughter of the Sun family. She only laughed a little, “No. “

Sun Caiyu hadn’t expected Gu Qing Yu to not be surprised, nor had she expected her to not change the subject as she gave the answer so directly. It caused Sun Caiyu to first relax, and then her nerves tightened up again, “You know about my father’s existence?”

If Gu Qing Yu hadn’t suspected, she wouldn’t have known the answer at all.

Could it be that…

Her father had already sought her out?!

She had answered so quickly and directly now, was it because she wanted to deceive her?!

Gu Qing Yu couldn’t help but laugh, “Why don’t you let your father speak to you personally about this matter?”

Sun Caiyu’s body shook, and then she turned around to see Sun Mingyuan, who had appeared at some point.

Sun Mingyuan gave her a cold look, causing Sun Caiyu to flinch and then she noticed her father’s eyes fixed only on Gu Qing Yu, as if he wanted to find traces of Shen Qingyan on her face…. She suddenly panicked again.

How did her father know she had come to Gu Qing Yu? Had he followed her here? Or…..

She was the one who had showed up by accident and her father had planned to come to Gu Qing Yu?

Sun Mingyuan looked at Gu Qing Yu with a very complicated look in his eyes, but Gu Qing Yu remained calm. At the moment Sun Caiyu appeared unexpectedly, she had been able to check the flight information and discovered that Sun Mingyuan had also arrived. She looked at Sun Mingyuan and ignoring the complexity on his face, asked.

“Mr. Sun, am I your biological daughter?”

“You… are not. “

Sun Mingyuan’s voice was a little hoarse, not at all like his usual voice.

“She’s really not?” Sun Caiyu, however didn’t believe it, “If she’s not, then Dad why are you here?! Is it because you know that mom is investigating her and because you know that I came over to cause trouble that’s why you came over to try to protect her?!”

Sun Mingyuan turned to look at her, his eyes suddenly turning icy cold.

“Your mother is crazy and you’re also going crazy with her?!”

Sun Caiyu, who had always been afraid of her father was shocked by his tone and lowered her head once again, biting her lower lip and not daring to say anything.

Gu Qing Yu, on the other hand, smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Sun, since I’m not, just explain it to your daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about the harmony between the members of your family. It’s just that…. if your family’s internal conflicts affect me, an unrelated person, I will be very angry. “

She smiled sweetly, but Sun Mingyuan sensed the threat in her tone.

For a moment, he seemed to see Shen Qingyan with whom he had been so enamored in the past again…..

He had paid a lot of attention to Gu Qing Yu over the years, but after realizing that Gu Qing Yu had been raised by Gu Wenqiang to be very obedient and sensible, although she looked like her, her personality was nothing like hers so he had lost interest.

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. So Gu Qing Yu has been stalked by her mother’s ex-lover all these years, in the hopes that the two women would have similar personalities? Ok, that’s pretty creepy.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. Yeah, it’s understandable if she is his daughter but because she isnt, that’s real creepy

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