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Chapter 47 Apart from Gu Qing Yu, I don’t want anyone else!

“Although the incident this time… was clarified, in the eyes of many people, Gu Qing Yu has an unclear relationship with the people in that video.” Elder Duan opened his mouth. He didn’t reject him outright, but Duan Xing Yuan knew what he meant.

“Grandfather, the person in that video is not her!” Duan Xing Yuan was a little anxious.

“But, she looks exactly the same as the woman in that video.” Elder Duan looked at him calmly, “To many people, it makes no difference whether it’s her or not. If you marry her, you’re going to be ridiculed.”

If it was said that before today, Elder Duan hadn’t opposed Duan Xing Yuan when he mentioned that he wanted to marry Gu Qing Yu, then after seeing Mu Xuan Qing’s attitude towards his grandson, he changed all of a sudden.

His grandson had a great future and was valued by Sir. In the future he might not only not be limited to the Duan family, he might also lead their Duan family to higher and farther places… how could he marry the daughter of a small family from a small place with a bad reputation?

Elder Duan said, “Moreover, the Gu family is really too petty, Gu Wen Qiang can’t even manage a home with only three women, his wife even caused a kidnapping incident like that and was even imprisoned. Our Duan family will never allow a daughter-in-law from such a family to enter this house!”

“Grandfather, that’s Uncle Gu’s ex-wife! They’re already divorced, moreover, Mrs. Gu… isn’t Qing Yu’s real mother. Qing Yu was implicated by the mother and daughter, she’s innocent. Grandfather, you’ve only met her once so you don’t know how simple, clean and beautiful she is. If you meet her again, I guarantee you’ll definitely like her…”

Duan Xing Yuan was a little anxious. He had spent so much time pursuing Gu Qing Yu, if in the end he couldn’t get her, then wouldn’t his efforts over the past few years have been in vain?

Elder Duan interrupted him, “Xing Yuan, you’re not a child anymore.”

“Grandfather!!” Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes turned red.

“Her family is too messy, it’s not suitable for you.” Elder Duan’s voice carried an unquestionable tone in it, “Didn’t you also not hate that Miss Sun you met the last time? Didn’t you invite her to see the night view after dinner? I arranged the meal, but I didn’t arrange the night view. You can see that that Miss Sun isn’t so bad.”

“No, apart from Gu Qing Yu, I don’t want anyone else!” Duan Xing Yuan said stubbornly.

Elder Duan, “It’s fine if you don’t like Miss Sun, you were valued by Sir today, so I’m sure there will definitely be someone better…. I’ll arrange for you to meet with another lady in a few days. From today onwards, stay well in the imperial capital, don’t go to that small city!”

Duan Xing Yuan hadn’t expected his grandfather to be so against it. He should obviously have more power now shouldn’t he? Why did he lose his freedom to choose his wife instead?

He gritted his teeth, his eyes blood red, “I’m not going to meet them. I’m going back to S City now and grandfather, if you don’t let us get married, I’ll never come back!”

“Are you threatening me?” Elder Duan’s face turned ugly.

In the past, he had agreed to the marriage between Duan Xing Yuan and Gu Qing Yu because he thought that his grandson would be able to inherit the Duan family anyway and with the Duan family’s current status, it wouldn’t be easy for him to go further hence it was okay if he was able to keep his position. Furthermore the benefits of a marriage with another family would be limited anyways, so why not let him marry someone he liked?

He had investigated Gu Qing Yu and met her when they were engaged and indeed, she was as Duan Xing Yuan had said. She was a simple and clean girl and most importantly, extremely beautiful.

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