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Chapter 250 I will never let her get away with this!

Gu Qing Yu had already won a prize in the last competition, she was famous, and many people knew what her paintings looked like. Even if Gu Qing Yu hadn’t discovered what she did at that time, what if she discovered it later? Besides, if Zhuang Jing won the award and her work was published online, someone would eventually find it. How would she explain that? Even if this didn’t happen, if someone were to ask her to create a painting of the same quality as the one she had used to win the award this time, would she be able to do it?

She was so short-sighted, only looking at the short-term benefits and not the long-term!

How could a woman like this stay by his side?

Shao Zi Han thought to himself.

But he didn’t realize that his words had a different meaning in Zhuang Jing’s ears.

When Zhuang Jing heard the first part of his words, she didn’t feel that there was anything wrong, but when she heard Gu Qing Yu’s name, she exploded.

“What do you mean by that? Why not Gu Qing Yu’s work!”

Moving forward, Zhuang Jing pulled Shao Zi Han to a stop, “Tell me clearly, do you still like her?!”

Rubbing his temples, Shao Zi Han looked at her incredulously, “Zhuang Jing, are you out of your mind? I’ve been with you for the past six months, when have I ever had anything with her? Aren’t you the one who knows best that I haven’t even spoken to her much?”

After all, she watched him too closely and he even needed to coax her.

But now, he simply couldn’t stand it!

“Zhuang Jing, you’re being unreasonable. This is between the two of us, don’t involve others.”

Shao Zi Han said this hurriedly when he saw Gu Qing Yu from afar.

Zhuang Jing followed his line of sight and seeing Gu Qing Yu, her eyes turned red with anger, “You really do care about her!”

Turning around, she tried to rush towards Gu Qing Yu but Shao Zi Han, his eyes widening grabbed her and dragged her away from the scene. From a distance, Lin Xiaoyi watched this scene with narrowed eyes.

Sure enough, although Zhuang Jing, this big miss could provide Shao Zi Han with a lot of resources, it was limited. What’s more she had done such a disgraceful thing this time, Shao Zi Han would definitely not be able to stand her anymore….

And…. she also hated Gu Qing Yu even more and even thought that Gu Qing Yu must have seduced her boyfriend. It wasn’t in vain that she had become Zhuang Jing’s bestie as she even played up the so-called ‘details’ she told her about Gu Qing Yu’s seduction of Shao Zi Han….

Who made Zhuang Jing stupid? She thought that because she had been Gu Qing Yu’s roommate, she naturally knew a lot about her and was convinced, even believing that she absolutely hated Gu Qing Yu as much as she did. After all, it was Gu Qing Yu who got her convicted.

But Zhuang Jing didn’t know that she also liked Shao Zi Han.

Although Shao Zi Han had once embarrassed her in public, the person she had liked for so long was right in front of her, and because of Zhuang Jing’s love of showing of her relationship, she could always see how good he was to Zhuang Jing and knew how sweet they were to each other…..

Lin Xiaoyi hated Gu Qing Yu, but she hated Zhuang Jing just as much!

Seeing Zhuang Jing being dragged away by Shao Zi Han, Lin Xiaoyi followed behind wordlessly, watched Shao Zi Han wave his sleeves away after their big fight and Zhuang Jing crouch in place and cry. Then her eyes narrowing, she went up to comfort Zhuang Jing.

“Sigh, Gu Qing Yu is so beautiful. More than half of the boys in our school like her, even their conversations in the evening in the dormitory include her. Shao Zi Han liked her before, so not being able to let go is very normal ……”

Sure enough, when Zhuang Jing heard her words, she glared, her whole face twisting, “Gu, Qing, Yu! I will never let her get away with this!”

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  1. You know that is really ironic. When you don’t do anything just live your own life and people suddenly stat to hate you \==/

    1. And how embarrasing are you when you hate someone to the bone but that someone doesn’t even know you nor remember you. 😂😂😂

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