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Chapter 102 As long as you ‘no’, I won’t get engaged

Duan Xing Yuan?

She really didn’t expect that he would call her just after she had finished telling Gu Wen Qiang that he hadn’t contacted her.

Gu Qing Yu was silent, waiting for him to speak. She wanted to see what the man who was about to be engaged next month was doing calling her now.

“Gu Qing Yu….”

She could tell from Duan Xing Yuan’s voice that he was a little drunk. It seems he’d had a lot of wine.

Of course. He had chosen that Big Miss in the capital, which meant that his sanity had come back and he was no longer pursuing only love, meaning it was only when he was drinking now that he could call her as he had lost his sanity.

“Gu Qing Yu, I’m getting engaged….. to another woman…..”

Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes were red as he said to her in a hoarse voice from the other end of the phone, “Tell me, do you want me to get engaged? As long as you ‘no’, I won’t get engaged….”

If it was an ordinary woman, she would have been moved to tears by now.

But Gu Qing Yu only thought of the day when he pushed the original owner to the ground and asked his security guards to drag her out…..

He said he had loved the original owner for several years and they had been together for more than two years, yet he had still been so distrustful towards the original owner and even felt that the original owner was dirty and that he had been betrayed. He didn’t bother asking for proof, didn’t bother asking why and just hurt her without mercy…..

Was this love?

No, he just wanted her and now was just not willing to let go.

“If I say no then you won’t get engaged? Then if I ask you to die, will you die?”

“What are you….. Gu Qing Yu, what are you saying!” Duan Xing Yuan, in the midst of his self-infatuation was dumbfounded as he was completely unprepared to hear such words.

“It means that since you can’t do something, then don’t commit to it.” Gu Qing Yu answered coldly, “If you really had the courage to refuse, you would have refused that day in front of your grandfather instead of agreeing to the engagement and then coming back to me. Duan Xing Yuan, do you intend to move yourself or me by putting on such a show?”

“If you’re trying to move yourself, please move yourself and don’t bother me. If you’re trying to move me, you should have refused the engagement first and then come to me to say this instead of coming to me now and asking me to make a decision for you. I’m not your spare tire and neither is your new fiancee who you’ll soon be engaged to. You don’t have the courage to choose for yourself, so you want me to make the choice for you? If I’m moved and say ‘no’ to you and tell you not to get engaged, will you come running to me in the future, blaming me for asking you not to get engaged because I told you not to? You plan to let your grandfather take out his anger on me then just stand by as an innocent and passive person right?”

Duan Xing Yuan’s entire head exploded.

He even sobered up a little because Gu Qing Yu’s words were like a slap in his face without mercy, ripping open the cowardly and selfish side of his heart and spreading it out in front of him.

He trembled, not daring to face that aspect of himself, because he didn’t want to admit that he was that kind of person!

So, he gritted his teeth and interrupted her, “Gu Qing Yu, we’ve been together for almost three years, how could you be so heartless? Tell me, is it because of that man that day? Who have you fallen in love with now? Is it Chen Ran, or is it Mu Xuan Qing? Make it clear!”

“Heh heh…”

Gu Qing Yu practically laughed out loud.

Even if he wanted to change the topic, he actually used this issue. It was clear that he was trying to put the blame on her, trying to convince himself that she, Gu Qing Yu, had just gotten close to another man that was why she didn’t want him anymore.

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. TBH, I don’t blame DXY for not believing her originally – it’s not like he heard some ambiguous rumor and leaped to some conclusion, there was video of her having sex with another man. Furthermore, that man, and his friend (that posted the video), all believed it was her. I’m sure her sister also dug the knife in deeper, since the original GQY didn’t realize her sister hated her. Faced with all that evidence, it’s not surprising he believed it was her – I mean, it’s only in a novel that something as farfetched as a woman getting plastic surgery to look exactly like you dating a guy that likes you, who then secretly makes a sex video and sends it to his friends, who then Release it online. How did all that even happen?? Throwing her out was harsh, but when faced with all that, I don’t expect reasonable behavior.

    It’s his scummy behavior and thoughts later that make him a trash man.

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