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Chapter 182

Gu Qing Yu stepped forward, but saw Mu Xuan Qing see her and, as if he had been scalded, step back subconsciously, distancing himself from her.

His adam’s apple moving, Mu Xuan Qing said, “In the future…. don’t appear in front of others in… so little clothing.”

Gu Qing Yu blinked, “But Sir… you’re not others.”

Mu Xuan Qing’s throat suddenly tightened as he looked at the incomparably seductive girl in front of him, feeling as if he couldn’t remove his eyes.

Innocent and…. seductive.

This woman was…

Dmn dangerous.

Besides, he seemed to be able to relate to her now. Anytime she wanted to suck his blood, she probably found him incredibly tempting just like he did now….

He was obviously quite normal in that respect and had kept it well under control for the past ten years or so, so why was he suddenly tempted to…

Pounce on her and do some beastly deeds?

Turning his face away with difficulty, he opened his mouth, “Mhmm….. don’t appear like this in front of anyone but me.”

“But, I didn’t just appear to anyone else. Only Sir saw me.”

Looking at him, Gu Qing Yu smiled faintly, “Sir, you’re contradicting yourself.”

Yes, how could he not know, that there had never been a time when he was calm and composed when facing her ……

Sighing in his heart, Mu Xuan Qing reached and stroked her slightly damp hair gently, “Mhmm, I’m contradicting myself. It’s all your fault, you little siren!”

Siren? She raised an eyebrow, “But, Sir, aren’t sirens just creatures that exist in myth and folklore and not in real life?” She hadn’t quite figured out the creatures on Earth yet.

Mu Xuan Qing laughed lightly, “They do. Aren’t you one?”

While she was still puzzled, Mu Xuan Qing stroked her hair, “Come here, let me blow-dry your hair.”


Gu Qing Yu then sat down in front of him obediently and watching the Sir who others saw as superior blow-drying her hair with such a serious expression, almost as if he were studying something important, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Sir, you’re so cute!”


This wasn’t the first time she had called him cute…

A man who was already twenty seven years old, being called cute by her….

Mu Xuan Qing narrowed his eyes…

Did she only think he was cute and not think of him as a man?

That’s right. Gu Qing Yu really didn’t think of him as a man, she hadn’t been afraid of him or shy of him since the first time they had met. She just seemed to really think of him as a…

Delicious meal.

He had previously found her attitude to his liking, as he didn’t like women who blushed at the sight of him or who were filled with awe, the kind of woman who he knew at a glance wasn’t the kind of person who could stand by him.

However, now…

Mu Xuan Qing’s eyelashes dropped as he looked at the girl who was incomparably at ease in front of him…

He suddenly didn’t like it very much.

There was a sense of grief and indignation with a feeling of ‘If you don’t want to be with me, then don’t tease me’.

However he definitely wasn’t going to sit back and wait for that to happen.

So, lowering his head, he took her earlobe from behind.

Gu Qing Yu stiffened for a moment, then was a little confused, “Sir… Sir, what are you doing? It tickles… don’t…”

She didn’t understand why he was suddenly doing this, only that she felt a little uncomfortable and that her ears, as well as her neck, seemed to be getting a little hot due to her sensitivity, but if she could see, she would have also noticed that her ears and neck had also turned red.

“Qing Yu, tell me, how do you feel?” Mu Xuan Qing asked her, his voice slightly muffled.

Gu Qing Yu paused for a moment, struggling to take her attention away from her ears, but still had the feeling that she was being treated like food, caught in the mouth of her prey.

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  1. Haha! Called it! Well, this should make the relationship more balanced. I prey on you, you prey on me.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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