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Chapter 253 He would show her whether she could do that or not!

Sir Mu was furious and although he didn’t do anything to Zhuang Jing in front of people, when Zhuang Jing arrived at the police station after being apprehended and waited fearlessly for her brother and her parents to come to her rescue, she found out that she couldn’t even reach her parents on the phone.

Had she gotten through to them, she would have learned that the entire Zhuang family’s estate had collapsed due to the wrath of a certain Sir. Sir’s power was so terrifying that no one wanted to work with the Zhuang family again. Even father Zhuang’s calls to associates were all screened. All the problems of the Zhuang family’s properties over the years had been exposed and all the shady sides of the family were being investigated by the authorities. At this moment, they were so busy with their own properties that their feet didn’t even touch the ground.

Zhuang Zi Yi did know about it because Wei Lingling was well informed and told him about it. Zhuang Zi Yi never expected that his sister would be so stupid and cruel. He didn’t know if it was because of jealousy or because of the plagiarism issue, but what she did had violated his bottom line, making him feel that his sister was completely hopeless.

Nonetheless, he had wanted to save her at first. Initially, he had only wanted to teach her a lesson by not going to her immediately, but when he saw that the Zhuang family was having problems with all of their properties except his own, and after Wei Lingling hinted that it appeared to be the doings of Gu Qing Yu’s boyfriend who had a powerful background, Zhuang Zi Yi didn’t dare care.

He even guessed that if it wasn’t because his company was working with Gu Qing Yu’s company, he would have been equally screwed!

Zhuang Zi Yi’s guess was indeed right. If he wasn’t quite normal and wasn’t working with Gu Qing Yu and if Gu Qing Yu didn’t have a good impression of him, Mu Xuan Qing would really have ruined the whole Zhuang family.

Hadn’t Zhuang Jing shouted boldly that her parents would never let them go after he caught her?

He would show her whether she could do that or not!

Zhuang Zi Yi went to talk to his parents and after learning that the whole of their family’s estate had collapsed because of the daughter they had spoiled, Father Zhuang and Mother Zhuang were devastated, so angry and anxious that they tried to grab Zhuang Jing to apologize to Gu Qing Yu and her boyfriend, but Zhuang Jing had already been apprehended and they couldn’t get her out. Moreover they were now too distracted to do anything else.

Most importantly, Gu Qing Yu had never returned to school since she left that day. When asked, the school stated that it was the student’s private matter and that it was inappropriate to reveal it. Furthermore, the teacher who addressed them looked at them as if they were bad people.

Father Zhuang and Mother Zhuang had never been so humiliated and embarrassed in their lives. In less than a month, their Zhuang family had gone straight from being wealthy to bankrupt. They couldn’t even keep the house they used to live in and had to go and join Zhuang Zi Yi.

Zhuang Zi Yi settled them down but was unwilling to help find a lawyer for Zhuang Jing, only giving them the words, ‘if you do something wrong, you have to pay for it’. Father Zhuang and Mother Zhuang were furious but there was nothing they could do about it; after all, even they were now dependent on Zhuang Zi Yi.

Over the course of a month, they had witnessed just how powerful Gu Qing Yu’s boyfriend was and so even though they resented and feared Gu Qing Yu and her boyfriend, they could only listen to Zhuang Zi Yi and stay out of Gu Qing Yu’s way.

However, even if they wanted to, they wouldn’t have been able to find Gu Qing Yu because she had already applied to the school for early graduation and after submitting her graduation work had followed Mu Xuan Qing abroad.

This time, they had gone abroad to find the energy left behind by ‘that person’.

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Why they resent Gu Qing Yu for? It’s their daughter that cause the problem. She first stole and plagiarized Gu Qing Yu painting. Didn’t learn her lesson then and stupidly got instigated by that other girl to go and throw acid at Gu Qing Yu in hope of ruining her face. And yet they’re resenting Gu Qing Yu….the victim???? So ridiculous!!

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