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Chapter 83 Facing Gu Qing Yu

Duan Xing Yuan had officially entered the sight of the Mu family.

Her father’s position in the family was average, as the head of the Mu family was her eldest uncle Mu Xuan Lin. Her father, Mu Xuan Yang was only in charge of a small company of the Mu family, relying on the financial assistance of various people who came because of ‘Sir”s fame, which had made the company prosperous when in fact they all knew very well that her father’s talent in business was average.

Her mother hated it, and even though her father had a share in the Mu Group and the family could live a very luxurious life just by receiving dividends every year, her mother still wanted them to have a better life.

In particular, she hoped that her daughter would marry better.

Hence, after knowing that ‘Sir’ valued Duan Xing Yuan, her mother asked her father to approach her uncle to hint that she should marry Duan Xing Yuan, even though they all knew that he was already engaged. However his fiancée seemed to have made a fool of herself a few weeks before, embarrassing Duan Xing Yuan. Moreover a while ago, he’d gone on a blind date with the daughter of the Sun family.

Which showed that, his fiancée wasn’t to be feared.

Mu Ai didn’t take it seriously, she just thought her mother’s analysis was reasonable. If they, the second family continued like this, they would never be as good as her eldest uncle’s family and after she married out, her relationship with the Mu family would become even more distant. ‘Sir’ was already cold in nature, so after she married out, he might not even take care of her anymore.

But then she met Duan Xing Yuan.

Mu Ai hadn’t expected that he would be such a magnificent man. He was just like one who had come out from the ancient world. He was as gentle as jade, with a pure temperament and was so unusually handsome…..

Moreover, as she got to know him, she realized that Duan Xing Yuan had always been the best ever since he was a child, standing out in everything he did. He had graduated with astounding grades, started his own company, and in the small S City had expanded it to the whole country. In just a few years, Duan Xing Yuan’s company was no less than her father’s company.

If she hadn’t been a member of the Mu family, someone like Duan Xing Yuan wouldn’t have had any dealings with her at all!

She had lost her heart to him the moment she saw him, really liking him.

So, when she thought of the fact that he had a fiancée, that he had fallen in love with her at first sight and that he had even left all the conveniences of the imperial capital to start a business in the small S City because of her and that he had fought with his grandfather for that woman…

Mu Ai felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

But, even if he liked Gu Qing Yu so what? Hadn’t he given Gu Qing Yu up to choose her?

And next month, they would be officially engaged.

Mu Ai didn’t take Gu Qing Yu seriously, and also thought that the two would never cross paths, after all, the Duan family didn’t dare offend the Mu family, and since they had chosen her, they would never let any woman, be it Gu Qing Yu or Gu Qing Chen appear in front of her, of which she was very confident.

Unexpectedly, just coming to S City for the finals of a competition only, she ran into Gu Qing Yu.

To be precise, she had stumbled upon Gu Qing Yu’s painting.

Gu Qing Yu’s painting was an oil painting and hers was a Chinese painting, so technically speaking, there was no match.

There were several categories in this event, so even if Gu Qing Yu’s painting could win first prize, hers wouldn’t be far behind.

She had already checked, there was nothing in the Chinese painting entries this time that could compare to hers.


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    1. It’s like that’s how they roll or something. If trouble doesn’t come looking for them, they go searching for it.

  1. Lol. Is DXY going to be happy being cousins-in-law with his former fiancée? I assume he’s given up the idea of having her as his mistress, since he decided to go with Mu Ai.

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