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Chapter 116 Sir~ You’re very cunning…

What she cared about was….

“Sir~ Senior brother….. is this the meeting gift you’re giving to me?”

Her disappointment was too obvious that it caused Mu Xuan Qing to raise an eyebrow, ”Why? You don’t like it?”

It had taken him two days and two nights to paint it and besides, the one she was holding…

Wasn’t the first one he had painted…

He hadn’t painted for over ten years, hence his skills had grown a bit rusty. He hadn’t been very happy with the first painting he had done, so he painted another one. The first one…. was a portrait of her. It was of the first day they met, when she appeared with a wounded leg, looking a little worse for wear and looking at him with eyes that glowed like she was staring at some delicious food. In retrospect, his impression of her from that first time he met her was very strong.

It was as if it was engraved in his brain as he even remembered every slightest change in her expression.

But he hadn’t been satisfied with the finished drawing, it was too raw and…

How could he give her a gift of a portrait of herself? What if… she misunderstood?

This was the first time that Mu Xuan Qing was so torn over a gift, causing him to make the second painting….

This time the feel as he painted came back gradually and the painting wasn’t so raw, moreover he was quite satisfied with it, although it was a little…

But he didn’t have time to change it because she had sent him a message before her class ended today: ‘Senior brother~ Where’s my meeting gift? You’re not trying to renege on your promise, are you?’

At once, Mu Xuan Qing didn’t continue to delay any longer and actually replied with some excitement right away, ‘Wait at the gate of your University’, not realising that he was acting like a schoolboy asking for a date and also not realising that he was serious about giving her the gift.

But as soon as Gu Qing Yu opened the gift, what she saw was…..

A painting of Mu Xuan Qing himself.

Mu Xuan Qing really had exceptional skills. After not painting for so many years, the painting that he had only retried a second time made Gu Qing Yu feel that it was even better than some of her teachers’ paintings, not to mention the lines and colors. Once she opened it, she couldn’t take her eyes off of it….

Because even though the Mu Xuan Qing in the painting was obviously just a portrait, inanimate, his eyes were full of energy, staring at her with a burning intensity, causing a strange feeling to pass through her heart for a moment. It wasn’t a comfortable feeling, on the contrary, it was a little unsettling and uncomfortable.

But this discomfort wasn’t unpleasant, it was just a strange feeling in her heart…

It was as if the man in the painting was staring at her, and only her alone.

Gu Qing Yu raised her head to looked at Mu Xuan Qing who was clearly uncomfortable with a smile in her eyes, ”Yes, I don’t like it.”


Mu Xuan Qing couldn’t describe how he was feeling at the moment, all he knew was that he was very uncomfortable.

He was about to say that if she didn’t like it then he’d take it back and give her the painting of a famous person that Chen Ran had prepared, but to his surprise, with a shining glint in her eyes, the girl in front of him pursed her lips then grabbed his tie and pulled him towards her!

Mu Xuan Qing’s pupils shook and because he wasn’t prepared, was pulled down, almost falling on top of her. Fortunately, he was able to place both hands on the wall behind her in time…

Then he heard her voice: “You know full well that what I want… is you and yet you try to brush me off with a portrait… Sir~ You’re very cunning…”

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