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Chapter 81 He was really too considerate


Sir wouldn’t have stayed in S City until now and bought a house near the University of S’s School of Fine Arts.

Tsk, Sir had several properties in S City, which one wasn’t better than this one? He chose this place specifically because of Miss Gu…

Sir was really too tsundere. He obviously liked Miss Gu, but didn’t let her know that he had been her cushion on the plane for a few hours, and now he was living near her school but didn’t go to her…

Chen Ran coughed lightly, then said, “But… Duan Xing Yuan was probably frightened when he saw you that day and he hasn’t contacted Mr. Gu again, so he hasn’t given him the benefit he promised to give him, meaning Gu Wen Qiang would probably arrange another man for Miss Gu soon.”


Mu Xuan Qing’s eyelashes twitched before he opened his eyes slowly.

Chen Ran laughed secretly in his heart.

Although Sir was strong and powerful, and always gave the impression of being calm and scary, in a certain aspect, he couldn’t be anymore different from a teenager who had just fallen in love.

However, this wasn’t Sir’s fault either…

After all, something had happened to him when he was a teenager best suited for a relationship and after disappearing for a few years and returning, he had been busy with his career, and he had done so much for the country over the years that he was too busy to even think about it, or rather, he didn’t want to think about it; after all, how could he allow himself to have a lover when he was deliberately distancing himself from even his family?

Chen Ran admired and worshipped Mu Xuan Qing, but his heart also ached for him.

As someone who had practically grown up with Mu Xuan Qing, he wanted him to have ordinary happiness like a normal person

Like, falling in love or something.

Chen Ran’s eyes turned and looking at Sir’s nonchalant expression, he said: ”Sir, recently Miss Gu participated in an international painting competition and has already entered the final round, would you like to go and see it? It’s said that Mr. Bai Xiuqi, your teacher, will be the judge of the finals. Sir and Mr. Bai… haven’t seen each other for quite a while, right?”

Chen Ran felt that he was really too considerate. Knowing that Sir said one thing when he meant another and didn’t want to admit that he wanted to see Miss Gu, he even found an excuse for him.

Bai Xiuqi was Sir’s teacher when he was a child, and he was also his first disciple. Back then, Bai Xiuqi was his great admirer, but unfortunately, when Sir disappeared and came back, he never touched painting again.

Back then, Bai Xiuqi had felt that Mu Xuan Qing was the first person who could inherit his mantle.

Mr. Bai….

Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes flashing, he nodded his head.

Chen Ran smiled faintly, “Sir, I will get everything ready.”

No strange people would be allowed to approach Sir and Teacher Bai on that day.

However, meeting on such an occasion, those people shouldn’t suspect Teacher Bai, after all, Bai Xiuqi was meant to be there.

It was also because of this that Mu Xuan Qing didn’t mind meeting with Bai Xiuqi.

As for Gu Qing Yu…

It was enough for him to just look at her paintings for the time being.

Gu Qing Yu’s painting made it through the preliminary rounds and into the final rounds without incident, and her work was received quite well, so well that many of the people who entered the competition took notice of her painting.

It was dark and there weren’t many people in the exhibition hall when a figure appeared, staring at Gu Qing Yu’s painting with a somewhat stiff expression on her face.

“Miss Mu, this is Gu Qing Yu’s painting.”

A staff at the exhibition hall whispered.

“…. I know, leave first!”

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