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Chapter 85 Her world

Entering the oil painting section, Mu Xuan Qing found Gu Qing Yu’s painting at first glance.

Even if he had never seen her painting before, he could still recognise it at a glance.

Because, compared to the other paintings, this one was too eye-catching.

The colours she used weren’t the most vibrant, but the feeling of vastness she conveyed made one feel as if they were standing in the universe, beneath a vast starry sky, on top of a mountain…..

It was as if the whole world had become incredibly small, it was as if all the other worries in life were just trivial things that could be ignored, allowing one’s head to quieten down for a while…..

From this painting Mu Xuan Qing felt how vast Gu Qing Yu’s heart was, how big her vision was, how wide her world was…..

Such a person was detached from the whole world.

While he was lost in appreciation, a feeling of irritation arose within him.

Because he felt her uncertainty, as if nothing in this world mattered to her, as if she could leave at any time, including him, who didn’t occupy a place in her heart….

This made his eyes turn from blazing hot for a moment to blank, and then cold again.

Chen Ran followed from a few metres away, not daring to disturb him.

He couldn’t understand this painting, but he felt that it was a really good painting with a strong sense of presence. There were at least ten paintings in the entire oil painting section, but he only saw this one at first glance, and looking at the other paintings, he felt that they paled in comparison.

Art was able to convey the inner world and emotions of people, making Chen Ran feel that a girl with such a clean heart, no matter what her background was, was worthy of Sir, and the most important thing was that Sir liked her.

Mu Ai was also in the venue, but she was in the Chinese painting section. When she saw Bai Xiuqi, her eyes lit up as she greeted him, “Teacher…..”

Bai Xiuqi nodded and looking at the many people in front of her painting, even a few famous painters, he nodded, “Good job, your painting is good this time.”

Mu Ai’s eyes brightened and she wanted to take Bai Xiuqi over to her see her painting but Bai Xiuqi refused, “I have to go see a friend.”

With that, he went straight to the oil painting section.

Mu Ai’s eyes widened, a moment of fear flashing through her heart.

How could that be? Mr. Bai shouldn’t be interested in oil painting, didn’t he only paint Chinese paintings? Why would he want to go to the oil painting section?

Thinking about Gu Qing Yu’s painting, Mu Ai’s heart became a little uneasy.

He couldn’t have heard that Gu Qing Yu’s painting was very good, so he wanted to go and see it, could he? How could Bai Xiuqi go to see someone in person when his status in the circle was such that people always came to see him?

She gritted her teeth and followed him.

She didn’t dare to follow too obviously but cautiously, as if she was also admiring the painting, but from a distance, she saw him arrive next to a man, a young and tall man who looked no more than thirty, but looked very stable. He didn’t look like a painter, nor did he look like a businessman, but like those high and powerful people she had seen with her grandfather when she was a child…..

That’s right, Mu Ai had never met Mu Xuan Qing before. In order to sever his ties with the Mu family, Mu Xuan Qing hadn’t returned to the Mu family for more than ten years after his return, and only the successive heads of the Mu family and the next heir were qualified to see him. From this point of view, there was no difference between the Mu family and the other major families in the imperial capital.

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  1. That’s a cool painting, using her own planets scenery. Seems he also understood a little about her from it as well

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