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Chapter 41 Proposal

He… talked a good game.

Gu Qing Yu mocked in her heart. The picture showed him smiling as he walked with a spring in his step, it didn’t look like he had been forced at all.

Moreover the woman in the picture didn’t look ugly either. Although she wasn’t as beautiful as the body she was using now, she was still considered beautiful by earth’s standards.

He probably didn’t feel uncomfortable going on a blind date like that either, right? She was even sure that if he hadn’t known that the video was fake, Duan Xing Yuan would most likely have been with this woman.

Duan Xing Yuan’s heart softened as he looked at her red eyes. He held her hand and seeing that she didn’t resist, instead looking very lost, he smiled in his heart. She was probably jealous again…..

However, after being hurt by him in this way and finding out that he had been seeing another woman in these few short days, she would indeed find it hard to trust him again, let alone forgive him so easily….

But she didn’t know that he would definitely choose her without hesitation over the Sun family’s eldest daughter who was on a blind date with him.

After all, she was the woman he fell in love with at first sight when he was a teenager, liked for years, pursued for years, and got her so easily…. moreover, he hadn’t even obtained her officially yet…

Thinking this way, he looked at her thoughtfully, “Qing Yu, if you don’t believe me, I can prove it to you…”

“How can you prove it?” She looked at him, curious as to what he intended to do.

“Let’s get married!” Once he said this, Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes lit up, “Once we get married, you’ll believe that I really love only you, I’m not interested in all those women that my family has arranged for me, I just want you!”

Duan Xing Yuan had actually wanted to marry Gu Qing Yu for a long time, but Gu Qing Yu wasn’t of the legal marriageable age before and although she would be this year, Father Gu had insisted that they’d only be allowed to get married when Gu Qing Yu graduated from university in order to keep her for a few more years, so that he could help the Gu Company a little more and so that he could like Gu Qing Yu for a little longer.

Of course he couldn’t possibly resist, after all, this point had been raised when Father Gu had first agreed to their engagement.

There was nothing he could do to break it even if he wanted to, but now, he suddenly discovered that this was a complete opportunity!

He could take the opportunity to marry Gu Qing Yu, so that he could get her sooner…..

There was no need to wait another two years in S City to get his hands on the beauty!

And he could also return to the imperial capital sooner and not have to keep running back and forth between the two places, worrying that his power in the imperial capital would be taken away from him….. But the good thing was, he had always been the best one in the Duan family’s generation, and the old man had personally trained him since he was young; he had done better than his father despite his young age, that was why he dared to stay in S City with confidence in the past few years.

But now things were different. His mother told him that his father had been hiding an illegitimate son outside, moreover, this illegitimate son was already seventeen years old this year and would become an adult in another year. By then, his father might acknowledge his identity with the elders in the family, and his position… wouldn’t be as secure as it was now.

Hence it was only right for him to return to the imperial capital early and hurry to hold most of the power in his hands while this illegitimate son was still a minor.

Even if she didn’t agree to get married, he’d slowly shift the focus of his work back to the imperial capital and would definitely spend much less time in S City. Of course, if she agreed… naturally, it would be even better.

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  1. I wonder how long it’ll take her to get rid of him xD and when she’ll next get an opportunity to taste delicious blood~
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hmm how much has she learned of the subjects she should be able to pass university with top marks

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