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Chapter 126 Break her hands and cut her tendons?

It was too terrifying! They had never seen such a powerful woman before. She was like something out of the movies, she was so fast that in the blink of an eye she was in front of them and then behind them, they couldn’t even touch her clothes, they could only be beaten unilaterally.

Gu Qing Yu laughed softly, “I’ll take the money, it will count as compensation for emotional damages.”

Compensation for emotional damages? She doesn’t need any compensation! It was them who need it now, alright?!

The thugs dared to get angry but they didn’t dare say anything.

Gu Qing Yu kicked the man at her feet again, “Cut the crap, I don’t have much time, so let’s just get down to it. If you don’t want to be beaten, tell me who told you to come after me and what you were told to do. Tell me everything, or else…”

She didn’t say any more, she just kicked one of them hard!

The eyes of the thug who had been kicked widened and he felt dizzy. How could he be so unlucky to be on top? He was the one who getting kicked the most.

Not wanting to be beaten up again, he rushed to say, “I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you!”

“Alright, talk.” Gu Qing Yu looked at him, “If you dare to say anything false, I’ll kill you!”

Following her hand that was pointing to a certain part of his body, the thug swallowed hard then said hurriedly, “I don’t know who that person is…”

Just halfway through his sentence, Gu Qing Yu kicked the second thug. He swallowed his wail, nearly biting his tongue as he stammered, “Big sis, big sis!! I’ll say it… We really didn’t lie to you… That person didn’t contact us directly, we have an informant, and she contacted our informant through online, and the money was also transferred to us online. We can provide you with the account number, but it may not be that person…”

The thug at the bottom, who was already bleeding due to the pressure, said in a cold sweat, “That person… she told us to break your hands and cut your tendons…”

Break her hands and cut her tendons?

Gu Qing Yu raised an eyebrow.


She didn’t want to kill her, nor did she want these bastards to ruin her innocence, she just wanted them to break her hands and cut her tendons…

Hands? The most important thing about her hands, on the surface, was…


At the moment, the only thing that the original owner was known for that required her hand was this skill.

If her hand was broken, she could continue to paint when it recovered, but if her tendons were cut… If she didn’t get treatment in time, she wouldn’t be able to do other delicate tasks, not to mention painting…

The person who did this behind the scenes was really vicious.

Gu Qing Yu laughed softly, withdrew her leg and took out her cell phone, “Compensation for emotional damages.”

The thugs didn’t expect her to really ask them for the money, but they transferred all the tens of thousands of yuan that they had received to her with bitterness in their hearts. They didn’t dare think of anything else now because Gu Qing Yu’s fighting prowess was much too powerful and they knew they were no match for her. They even felt the urge to pay homage to her….

After receiving the money, Gu Qing Yu had no intention of taking them to the police station, anyway…

She had beaten them up so badly that they wouldn’t be able to harm anyone else for the time being.

She smiled a little, “Stay away from me. If I find out that you’ve been paid to bully others… next time, I won’t be so kind to you, got it?”

Ki… kind?

The thugs looked at each other but didn’t dare say a word.

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