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Chapter 145 Gu Qing Yu is really pitiful

It was also fortunate that Gu Wen Qiang felt that although his family wasn’t a big one like those in the Imperial capital, it wasn’t bad either so having a daughter who was a star would have been too humiliating, hence he didn’t say agree.

Gu Wen Qiang’s obstruction made it a lot easier for Gu Qing Yu.

Most of those companies weren’t as powerful as the Gu Group, so when they realized that Gu Qing Yu really didn’t want to enter the entertainment circle, they settled for the second best, and that was Lin Han Jiao.

Originally, there were people who were afraid of offending Gu Qing Yu by choosing Lin Han Jiao, but after they found out that Lin Han Jiao was signed to Gu Qing Yu’s company, they had no worries.

This was something that Gu Wen Qiang was originally a little upset about, but after Gu Qing Yu told she didn’t care and showed him how much money Lin Han Jiao had made for her through a shareholder method, Gu Wen Qiang threw it to the back if his mind.

It was better to have Lin Han Jiao in the hands of his family than to be out of their grasp and be hired by another company to do something messy in the name of his daughter.

Lin Han Jiao was doing surprisingly quite well because of her own popularity and Gu Qing Yu’s and usually had a lot of endorsements for cosmetics and maintenance products and the like, and many cosmetic companies seek her out for endorsements because a lot of customers were actually looking for the hospital that had performed the plastic surgery for her. The reason being that they thought it had been done too perfectly.

They had never seen Gu Qing Yu in person, but based on the videos and pictures, they could tell, that Lin Han Jiao was a different person before and after the plastic surgery, and wanted to be like that themselves.

Lin Han Jiao was also very competitive, because after that, she even intentionally learned to do imitation makeup, her make-up skills were really good that every time she did it, she looked very similar to the person being imitated, and after a long time, many people who watched her videos and live streams forgot what she looked like originally, and even thought that she might look like Gu Qing Yu because of her make-up skills.

She also gained some fans who really liked her who thought she was genuine, hardworking, brave, and not afraid of pain and suffering in order to change her life, and that she was a good role model.

Recently, she had even been asked to be the second female lead in some web dramas because of her popularity, and she was actually paid a lot of money for it.

Whether it was a makeup imitation or a web drama or an endorsement, Lin Han Jiao was almost always a topic of conversation every couple of days, and the attention she got wasn’t bad at all. It was even enough to whitewash her.

Moreover long as she was in the entertainment industry, netizens would never forget Gu Qing Yu, so even if Gu Qing Yu wasn’t in the industry, with her looks, and the popularity that Lin Hanjiao generated, Gu Qing Yu really got a lot of attention.

Everyone was interested in this beautiful lady’s love life, especially after it was revealed that she had almost broken up with her fiancé over the scandalous video, and then they seemed to have actually broken up.

They never expected that this was a real breakup, and that her ex-fiancé was already engaged to another woman!

“Tsk, what the h*ll is that Duan Xing Yuan thinking? I heard that he chased after Gu Qing Yu for a long time before he got her, but now he wants to get engaged to another woman because of that video?”

“I suppose it’s because he has already broken up with her and has found another beautiful woman, so the sanity that he lost through love has returned and he’s now listening to his family and marrying the right woman.”

“Then Gu Qing Yu is really pitiful. She was obviously framed in that video, but her former fiancé still abandoned her. It is said that her father was also planning to marry her off to a wealthy old man in Africa, but after that scandalous video was clarified, he wanted to marry Gu Qing Chen off instead, which is what led to her wanting to kidnap Lin Han Jiao instead of marrying that old thing…”

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