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Chapter 107 She hated Gu Qing Yu

There were also pictures of Shao Zihan taking advantage of his position to take her in through the staff passageway during the painting exhibition, and even pictures of Shao Zihan helping her get the delivery just now which, from the angle, should have been taken from upstairs down….

Gu Qing Yu raised her head and saw quite a number of heads shrink back on the balcony.

Humans were really creatures with gossip instincts.

Boys weren’t allowed to enter the girls’ dormitory, so Shao Zihan helped her carry the boxes to the front of the stairs then looked at her and said, “I’ll watch from here, you can move them up little by little.”

“No need, I can carry them.”

If he hadn’t moved too fast just now, she wouldn’t have needed his help at all.

Gu Qing Yu carried the boxes up directly, “Thank you, Shao Zihan, you can go back!”

Shao Zihan looked at her with fervent heat and a deep look in his eyes, causing Gu Qing Yu to feel a little strange in her heart. Did this Shao Zihan really like Gu Qing Yu?

It wasn’t impossible, but she wasn’t the original Gu Qing Yu and she had no interest in Shao Zihan at all. The only person she was interested in in this world was Mu Xuan Qing.

Thinking about the content of today’s post on the forum, Gu Qing Yu secretly made a decision: she had to keep her distance from Shao Zihan!

Just after she arrived in her dormitory, one of her roommates stared at her with ambiguous eyes, “Tell the truth! Gu Qing Yu, are you with the class president?”

Gu Qing Yu put the boxes down, somewhat helpless, “No”.

“You dare deny it. It was exposed on the forum just now, what’s more he even helped you carry your boxes! Tsk, he just left now, didn’t he? Why didn’t you invite him to dinner?” Her roommate wiggled her eyebrows.

“No, he was just passing by and helped me carry them, if it was you guys, he would have helped too.”

Gu Qing Yu’s expression was too calm, not at all like she was dating, hence her roommate shrugged, a little convinced, “Boring, I thought we would have the school belle and prince as a couple in our class….. but you’re right, the class president is really enthusiastic and often helps others. I remember when school started he even helped Xiaoyi carry her luggage!”

The roommate winked as she looked at Lin Xiaoyi.

Lin Xiaoyi smiled lightly, “Yes, the class president is indeed very…. eager to help people.”

Gu Qing Yu paused for a moment.

Lin Xiaoyi’s expression was a bit odd…

Not giving her the chance to think any further, her roommate looked at the extra boxes she had brought up and asked a little curiously: “Qing Yu, what did you buy again? If I remember correctly, didn’t your new painting kit arrive this month?”

They had been in the same dormitory with Gu Qing Yu for over a year and were already used to her extravagant Missy behaviour; they all spent money on brushes and paints at the art college, but no one was like Gu Qing Yu who would buy new ones every month– even if the old ones looked clean and had soft bristles, she wouldn’t use them again.

Although most people who studied art weren’t short of money, they were still envious.

However previously they only thought that Gu Qing Yu was just a rich kid and had no idea how rich she was until this summer’s scandal, when they realised that her father was the richest man in S City. No wonder she could be so extravagant.

Lin Xiaoyi bit her lip as she also looked at Gu Qing Yu, feeling a little uncomfortable.

She hated Gu Qing Yu.

She had hated her ever since the beginning of the school year.

How could Gu Qing Yu be so beautiful, so kind, gentle and considerate, good to everyone, her family was the wealthiest in S City and she also had a fiance who ran his own company, what’s more her fiance wasn’t arranged by her family at all, but had fallen in love with her at first sight and pursued her for a long time before being able to be in a relationship with her then get her family’s approval…..

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. 🙄 how dare you be be beautiful, nice, rich, and loved? FFS, find your own life and stop being hating someone just because she’s currently winning at life.

    1. It is easier to hate since being successful takes a lot of effort for something that isn’t guaranteed. Hate also makes it easier to shift blame for not trying.

    2. It’s the same for the people who hate the rich. I mean, I saw and read their posts about the reason why they hate the rich, but what if they themselves who are the rich ones instead? Are they going to hate themselves for the same reasons? It always made me feel amused everytime I read those kind of posts.

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