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Chapter 84 She had already lost!

Mu Ai bit her bottom lip as she stared at Gu Qing Yu’s painting….

Even though she hated Gu Qing Yu, she couldn’t deny that that her painting had that natural flow and strong emotional expression that Bai Xiuqi always emphasized, making it impossible to ignore…

What if Mr. Bai saw Gu Qing Yu’s painting and chose her as his closed disciple, abandoning her?

As she looked at Gu Qing Yu’s painting, she only felt that the intense colors made her feel as if she couldn’t breathe. It was too bright, too eye-catching…

It was just as uncomfortable as the existence of Gu Qing Yu herself!

She really wanted to…..

Destroy it.

It would be even better if she could destroy its owner as well….

Her eyes blazed, but thinking about the special attention Bai Xiuqi placed on the character of his students, she took a deep breath, suppressing her impulse.


She would be Duan Xing Yuan’s fiancee next month and, when she graduated they would be getting married. Gu Qing Yu was now nothing more than a woman with a bad reputation who had been dumped; she had already lost!

She left the exhibition hall with a cold expression.

The staff member waiting outside sent her away diligently, and only after her car had driven away did he run inside the exhibition hall to check if Gu Qing Yu’s painting was in good condition, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw that it was okay….

Fortunately, fortunately. The way Mu Ai had looked at the painting just now, he thought she would destroy the painting out of jealousy!

If that had happened, he would have been done for.

Although he had been told to bring Mu Ai in and to cooperate with her unconditionally, if something went wrong, he was sure that the people above him wouldn’t hesitate to make him take the blame!

Luckily, Miss Mu had been calm…

However, she couldn’t be blamed for keeping her eyes on this painting. It was already so popular with the judges these few days and a foreign master had even offered to buy it after the finals at a very high price.

They all knew that this painting was a shoo-in for the prize. It wasn’t a question of whether it would win, but rather how many prizes it would win.

“Gu Qing Yu, congratulations, I hope you win the prize today!”

As soon as Gu Qing Yu arrived at the venue, Shao Zihan greeted her with a smile.

“Thanks, class president. What are you doing here today?”

“Mr. Stallone is one of the judges for the final and I’m acting as his assistant.” As Shao Zihan saw more and more people entering the venue, he said to her, “Come, I’ll take you in from the other side, there are too many people here.”

Gu Qing Yu nodded, following Shao Zihan to the other side and as the two walked and talked, they looked extremely good together.

Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes were a little cold as he watched this scene from afar.


Chen Ran swallowed, then said quickly, “Sir, that…. He’s just Miss Gu’s classmate, and I don’t think Miss Gu sees him in any other way.”

She didn’t, but, they were too close…..

And the smile on her face, it was too kind.

She didn’t seem to have had such a good attitude towards Duan Xing Yuan, had she?

Mu Xuan Qing thought of the previous image of Gu Qing Yu always smiling with curved eyes in front of him, kissing him nonchalantly as she said that she was his….

He snorted coldly.

Chen Ran instantly felt the air temperature around him drop.

Shrinking his neck back in, Chen Ran squeezed out a smile, “Sir, we can enter through the VIP channel.”

From a distance, Gu Qing Yu seemed to feel something and looked back, but in the crowd of people, she couldn’t pinpoint the exact location it was coming from, and thus missed Mu Xuan Qing who had already closed the car door and exited the car from the other side.

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