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Chapter 278 On the hot search again

A rich tycoon?

The people at the top of various industries were stunned when they saw this statement. Gu Qing Yu needed a rich tycoon? She was a rich tycoon herself!

“The boyfriend she spoke about before couldn’t have been Shen Jianian, right? His son is older than Gu Qing Yu…..”

“Speaking of sons, Gu Qing Yu seems to have collaborated with Shen Ruiyi?”

“No way right? Is this taking down both father and son, or is her boyfriend actually Shen Ruiyi?”


Seeing that the netizens were getting more and more outrageous, the bigwigs finally couldn’t help themselves. First was the bigwig of Weibo who broke out in a cold sweat when he saw the hot search. It was fine for the others, but he didn’t want to offend Sir and Madam ……

His subordinates wanted to take down the search, but he stopped them, “That won’t work, if we take it down, the netizens might think that Madam took it down and think that Madam wants to cover up the truth….”

“Then what should we do?”

If they didn’t do anything and allowed such a black hot search smear Madam, they were really afraid that with one word from Sir, their company would be flattened to the ground!

After thinking about it, the big wig went on his Weibo account, “Madam already has Sir.”

He didn’t specify who he was referring to, but everyone could see that the post was referring to Gu Qing Yu, however they were all very surprised. This big man was the official big man of Weibo and he usually never spoke out about anything. It would be a blessing if he could post once a year, but now he was coming out because of the Gu Qing Yu scandal? And, why was he calling Gu Qing Yu ‘Madam’, who was ‘Sir’?

“Tsk, isn’t that Shen Jianian very powerful abroad? I’m guessing this big wig has some connection with Boss Shen.”

After someone released a picture of the big wig with Shen Jianian from years ago, people were even less convinced that Gu Qing Yu and Shen Jianian had an innocent relationship.

The big wig broke out into a cold sweat. He didn’t expect such a misunderstanding, but he didn’t know the true nature of Gu Qing Yu’s relationship with Shen Jianian; after all, Gu Qing Yu had never made it public. The Shen family had wanted to make it public, but only on their side of the Shen family, that is, abroad, so people in C Country who were unfamiliar with them were naturally unaware of the situation.

Fortunately, just as the bigwig was contemplating how to solve the problem, he noticed a slew of popular posts appear on the hot search, all from bigwigs from all walks of life?

A business tycoon: “It was a great pleasure to have had dinner with Sir’s wife!”

A certain famous movie director: “I just found out that Miss Gu has been married for a few years, and to a legendary man! I was so shocked and wanted to make a movie about them, but they didn’t agree.”

A certain top designer: “Gu Qing Yu wore the dress I designed for her today and she was simply gorgeous! Sure enough, it’s only someone as beautiful as Madam who can bring out the charm of this dress by simply wearing it!”

A certain tech tycoon: “I got my idol Gu Qing Yu’s autograph!”


The netizens were confused. Why had so many bigwigs suddenly appeared on Weibo, with all of them looking like they knew Gu Qing Yu very well? Could it be that this was really Shen Jianian’s way of diverting their attention from their scandal?

There was no shortage of netizens with such dark thoughts, but the pictures uploaded by the bigwigs all seemed to be at the same occasion. They were obviously at a party and the bigwigs all look excited, not at all like the usually cool and unapproachable bigwigs.

“What’s going on here? Is the Shen family really that powerful? They unexpectedly have so many bigwigs diverting the subject of the conversation for them?”

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