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Chapter 200 No one would find out!

However, Lin Xiaoyi also wouldn’t show it.

Because of Zhuang Jing’s closeness to Lin Xiaoyi, the few girls who had gotten close to her after school started because of Zhuang Jing’s generosity also acknowledged Lin Xiaoyi. Lin Xiaoyi was able to make new friends and enter a new circle which she cherished, so even though she was a little uncomfortable knowing Zhuang Jing was Shao Zihan’s current girlfriend, she still didn’t reject Zhuang Jing’s acceptance.

At the other end, Gu Qing Yu also knew about it, but she wasn’t impressed.

There was another international competition that would happen in the new semester, which Gu Qing Yu was prepared to take part in, but this time she would compete in the Chinese painting category. It just so happened that she had spent two months studying with Bai Xiuqi over the summer, so it was time to take a test.

She had to get a good prize in this competition to show Master Bai Xiuzi.

Gu Qing Yu took part in the competition and Zhuang Jing did as well, but she was in the oil painting category.

The competition this time was different from the last. Last time, it was simply a matter of submitting a painting created in accordance with the theme, but this time, the work would be painted on the spot, and Gu Qing Yu naturally performed admirably. On the other hand, when Zhuang Jing saw the proposal for the oil painting category, she thought about it for a while before putting the brush to paper, but when she finished painting the prototype, she realized it looked familiar!

The composition and the colour scheme were simply the same as the painting done by Gu Qing Yu that she had stolen from the gallery earlier!

Although she didn’t like Gu Qing Yu, she liked her painting so much that it influenced her own painting style. Now when she saw the theme of the competition, she immediately thought of Gu Qing Yu’s painting and drew a copy of it….

For a brief moment, she was torn: should she redo it? There wasn’t enough time to redo the painting, and she was well aware of her own skill level. Winning a consolation award of excellence like Shao Zihan wouldn’t be a big deal, but winning a better award would be difficult……

Didn’t Shao Zihan appreciate Gu Qing Yu because she had won awards and was a talented artist?

Then if she could paint like Gu Qing Yu…

Zhuang Jing’s heart wavered, but she kept on painting and when the judges at the scene stopped behind her for a long time and even looked at her very admiringly, even though she suddenly felt a little guilty in her heart, more than that, she was excited.

Even the judges had stopped to look at her, moreover their eyes were filled with admiration and excitement. It seems…

It seems her painting had a better chance of winning the prize!

Then she would just leave it like this…

When the competition came to an end, Zhuang Jing gritted her teeth and handed in her painting, still a little uneasy and guilty, but then she nodded to herself when she remembered that she had hidden Gu Qing Yu’s painting in her house rather than her dormitory.


The original version of that painting was at her house, so as long as she didn’t bring it out, no one would find out!

Moreover she had covered the signature on that painting with another colour of paint and it had dried by now, so even if someone saw that original version, they wouldn’t be able to guess that it was Gu Qing Yu who had painted it…

Instead, she was the one who had painted it live in front of so many people, in front of the judges.

Hmm, no one would find out!

Zhuang Jing thought to herself.

Her work was really good, or rather, Gu Qing Yu’s work was really good. So good that even if she only imitated a form without Gu Qing Yu’s mind, the painting came out well, easily passed the hurdles, entered the finals and got the first prize!

Zhuang Jing was so excited that she didn’t know what to do.

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  1. What’s the opposite of a cliffhanger? I think it’s obvious how the next chapter will go.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. oof girl you are an artist you should know how painful it is for ypur art to be stolen figuratively and literally.

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