Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 51 We look down on her

“But now, old man, since you don’t agree, if I don’t leave, do I have to sacrifice everything I have and follow him without a name or a title? Do you think I’m a virgin mary? With my qualifications, I can easily find a man who is not inferior to Duan Xing Yuan and who will be willing to marry me, instead of keeping me outside as a mistress!”

After Gu Qing Yu finished speaking, she left without hesitation.

Elder Duan looked at the door she had closed, his brows furrowing.

What she said was simply too irrefutable, which enraged him.

Forget it, although this woman was beautiful and intelligent, she wasn’t quite the same as he remembered.

He originally thought that this woman loved his grandson very much, but now it seemed that she was so calculative about the gains and losses in their relationship and was also able to give up so easily, she was clearly not that in love with Duan Xing Yuan…

A cabinet on the wall was moved out of the way and then Duan Xing Yuan, with a complicated expression on his face, walked in from the next room.

“You heard that, right?”

Elder Duan continued, “That Miss Gu of yours doesn’t like you that much. The way I see it, even if you want to marry her, she may not agree to it.”

Not to mention being his woman kept outside, he might as well give up before it was too late.

Duan Xing Yuan’s mood were very complicated. He originally thought that it was a sure thing, after all, she always listened to him and she loved him very much didn’t she? No, she must still love him now, it had to be because of the incident last time. He had hurt her too deeply, and then the old man forbade him from marrying her, that was why she was angry and said such things….

He took a deep breath, “Grandpa, she’s just mad at me. Besides, she’s right. Although the Gu family isn’t as good as many families in the imperial capital, in S City, they are the richest and with Qing Yu being so qualified, it is indeed not difficult to marry anyone in S and it will definitely be a prestigious marriage. It’s us….. who look down on her.”

As soon as Elder Duan heard this, he narrowed his eyes, looking at him warningly:

“Are you still not willing to give her up?”

“Grandfather, I….”

Duan Xing Yuan was a little aggrieved. His grandfather used to go along with his wishes and even when his parents disagreed, wasn’t he the only one who stood by him? Why couldn’t he continue doing so now…..

He was aggrieved, bewildered, but more than that, he was unresigned.

Unresigned to the fact that he had given so much, but in the end, he couldn’t get the woman he wanted.

Elder Duan snorted coldly, “If you had to choose between the Duan family and Gu Qing Yu, which one would you choose?”

That girl’s influence on his grandson was too great, too great that it made him a little upset.

“Grandpa!” Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes widened, “They can co-exist! Grandpa, don’t you believe me? I can handle my career and my family…..”

“Family?” Elder Duan snorted coldly, “Your family includes your parents and I!”

He said coldly, “If you’re too busy working while your mother keeps on looking for trouble with Gu Qing Yu, how long do you think she’ll last? Your relationship will definitely go awry! Since that’s the case, it’s better to choose someone your mother would be satisfied with, so that you can go about your career without worries.”

“Then why did you approve of it before?!” Duan Xing Yuan gasped, his chest heaving violently.

Gu Qing Yu was his first love for him, and it was a first love that he still felt. He had long thought about the whole process of being with her before getting married and having children and although he wasn’t sure if they would be together forever in the future, or if he would love her forever, at least for now, what he wanted most was to be with her.

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