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Chapter 1 Humans are really fragile

“Xingyuan, believe me, I really didn’t cheat, you know clearly that I love only you!”

With tears in her eyes, Gu Qing Yu’s chest heaved violently, and like a drowning man grabbing the last driftwood, she held the man next to her, her slender fingers turning white.

The veins on Duan Xingyuan’s forehead turning blue, he pushed her away fiercely. Gu Qing Yu’s already thin body that was already shaky and unstable fell to the ground when he pushed like this.

“The video has spread all over the internet and now everyone in China knows that I, Duan Xing Yuan, have been cuckolded by you! How dare you defend yourself? Gu Qingyu, do you really think I’m a fool!”

Duan Xingyuan gritted his teeth, glaring at her, “Get out! Our marriage contract is broken, from today onwards, you are to never appear in front of me again!”

With that, he made a phone call and asked the security to drag her out.

The security guards came over soon, looking at Gu Qing Yu who had fallen to the ground crying with a wretched look in their eyes. After all, the video of the former high and mighty daughter of the Gu family had gone viral on the net last night. Leaving aside the fact that this eldest Miss had a really good figure, her slutty appearance in the video didn’t match her usual cold and noble appearance at all….

The two security guards ignored her cries and dragged her directly into the elevator, throwing her out of Duan Group’s entrance.

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes were swollen from crying. Since childhood, she has never been so embarrassed. Moreover, everyone who passed looked at her with a strange look of either ridicule or sympathy. She almost collapsed. In tears, she clicked on the video on her phone and watched the woman who looked exactly like her and the man who she had no impression of, as well as the bunch of disgusting and malicious comments below…

The phone rang and Gu Qing Yu answered it, saying hoarsely in a crying voice, “Dad…..”

“Qing Yu, go to the airport immediately, leave China, go to South Africa. Don’t worry, Dad knows someone over there, he will take care of you. No one knows you over there, so in the future, don’t return to the country…

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Dad, what are you saying… someone you know in South Africa, could it be Uncle Chen?!”

“How can you call him Uncle Chen? He is ten years younger than dad. You have to call him Brother Chen… don’t worry, your brother Chen likes you very much, he will take care of you…”


Gu Qing Yu’s voice trembled.

Uncle Chen was her father’s business acquaintance. He was a forty-year-old man, and she was only twenty years old this year, but her father actually…

The phone fell to the ground as Gu Qing Yu’s tears came down uncontrollably. The fiancé who she had been in love with for two years didn’t believe her, her father who raised her despised her, asking her to marry overseas and never return to China. The whole world thought she was a slut who cheated on her fiancé and had even ‘seen’ her without clothes on…..

Gu Qing Yu smiled suddenly. Without picking up the phone on the ground, she walked around aimlessly and suddenly saw an abandoned construction site. She walked up step by step and stood on the top floor…

The moment she fell, a bright white light suddenly flashed across the sky and entered the body of the falling Gu Qing Yu…..

Dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky, then lightning and thunder came down, followed by heavy rain. Behind the bricks of the abandoned construction site, Gu Qing Yu stood up again…

“Humans… heh heh, they are really fragile!”

TL: If there are any mistakes, please let me know.

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