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Chapter 13 Dad has found a new fiancé for you

Because Gu Qing Yu’s mother died when she was eight years old, and Gu Qing Chen, who was also the biological daughter of father Gu was only one year younger than the eight-year-old…

In other words, at least when her mother was pregnant, Father Gu had cheated.

The year after Gu Qing Yu’s mother passed away, she and her mother entered the family.

“Worried about me?” The look in Gu Qing Yu’s eyes mocked her. The original owner was too innocent. She couldn’t even tell that her half sister had disliked her since she was a child. As long as it was something Gu Qing Yu had, Gu Qing Chen would want to steal it, including men!

That’s right, Gu Qing Chen liked her fiance… not right, he was her former fiance now, Duan Xingyuan.

She even began to suspect, whether the person in the video online was this Gu Qing Chen herself…

After all, she looked seven to eight points similar to her…

Gu Qing Chen didn’t notice the strangeness in her tone as she said with a smile: “Hmm, I was so anxious when you didn’t pick up the phone for so long…”

Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Gu Qing Chen’s eyes turned then she said tentatively: “Sis, I heard… that Brother Xingyuan was very angry and said that he wanted to break the engagement with you?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?” Gu Qing Yu chuckled.

She couldn’t wait to take over right?

Gu Qing Chen was so overjoyed that she didn’t even hear the ridicule in her tone, comforting her quickly: “Sis, don’t be sad, Dad said, if Duan Xingyuan doesn’t like you, it’s because he doesn’t have any vision! Dad has found a new fiancé, who is richer than Duan Xingyuan for you…”

Gu Qing Chen talked endlessly, oblivious to the fact that the look in Gu Qing Yu’s eyes became more and more mocking.

This Gu Qing Chen had almost all of her thoughts written all over her face. How, in the end did the original owner fail to see that she was coveting her fiance?

However, she was too lazy to deal with such a stupid and weak human. What she needed to do now was to deal with the video issue…

First of all, she had to figure out where that video came from.

“Qing Chen, I’m very tired, I want to rest.”

Gu Qing Yu said.

Her voice was a bit hoarse and her face was pale because she had been walking outside for a long time, so Gu Qing Chen didn’t doubt it. She only thought her ‘devastated’ look was because her ‘engagement’ had been cancelled and unable to hide the joy in her eyes, she nodded quickly:

“Alright, sis, don’t think too much, just have a good rest…”

Gu Qing Yu returned to her room.

The original owner’s cell phone was lost, but fortunately, there was a computer in the room.

This world’s network was far too underdeveloped. The computers here were all antiquities that hadn’t been used on their planet for thousands of years.

She was a little disgusted, but she didn’t have any other choice. She didn’t have the materials to modify it, so she could only use it as it was.

The original video on Weibo had already been censored, but not on other websites.

Her eyes narrowed when she opened the video.

The woman in the video did look exactly the same as the original owner, but it was obviously not the same person. She didn’t have a birthmark on her. She had just looked at her body and found that there was a butterfly-shaped birthmark on her collarbone, showing clearly that it was not the same person.

However, it wasn’t possible for Gu Qing Yu to use the birthmark to prove her innocence, after all, the original owner had always dressed conservatively, especially around the male chauvinist Duan Xingyuan. She didn’t even wear a piece of clothing with a lower neckline, so with the except of those close to her, no one knew that she had this birthmark.

Outsiders would definitely doubt the authenticity of her birthmark.

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  1. Please tell me she can hack then. Wonder when she will make her own tech, seems she could try making her own company

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