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Chapter 137 [Little Green Dragon]

As long as they didn’t do it themselves, they couldn’t be investigated, right?

She had investigated this Gu Qing Yu and found out that there were a lot of people who hated her.

Those people didn’t even know that there was a powerful existence like ‘Sir’ behind her so as long as she pushed a little bit, she would be able to use them. Whether it succeeded or failed, it would definitely bring Gu Qing Yu a lot of trouble making it so that they wouldn’t need to get their hands dirty at all. They just needed to watch the show from the sidelines.

This was how people like them dealt with their love rivals. Mu Ai was just too young and hadn’t met any opponents, which was why she took matters into her own hands and left such an obvious handle.

Second Madam Mu held Mu Ai and soothed her. Neither of them looked into each other’s eyes, so naturally they didn’t notice the dark light of calculation in each other’s eyes…

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know that someone was after her again, but even if she knew, she wouldn’t care. If one came, she’d kl them, if two came, she’d kl them all!

At the moment, she was in the cinema watching Zhuang Zi Yi’s film.

Zhuang Zi Yi’s animated film was released on May 1, just in time for the holidays and because he had a lot of contacts, he received a good number of screenings, plus he had accumulated a lot of fans from his previous works and he didn’t spare any money on publicity, hence even though the film had just been released, it did well.

Probably because of the holidays, many parents brought their children to see the movie, and as long as there were families with children, they would basically choose his [Little Green Dragon]. The box office of [Little Green Dragon] was surprisingly high at 50 million yuan on the first day, directly recouping the costs Zhuang Zi Yi had invested, making him unable to stop smiling.

With good special effects, beautiful graphics, a simple but exciting plot and a subliminal theme at the end, [Little Green Dragon] received a lot of positive reviews online.

On the contrary, even though the films released at the same time didn’t lose out to [Little Green Dragon] at the box office, most of them received mixed reviews hence their reputation wasn’t as good as the [Little Green Dragon] at all.

The few scenes produced with Gu Qing Yu’s painting as a background also received good reviews from many professionals.

“The background is so vast and expansive, it’s the first time I’ve felt that an animated film can be so grand!”

“I dare say it’s even better than some of the action movies in the country that claim to have worked with Hollywood! The plot is so smooth and natural, not as rigid and illogical as action movies, and for the first time I would rather watch an animated movie than a so-called Hollywood blockbuster.”


The first day’s box office had already paid for itself, so it didn’t matter if the next day’s box office was even lower, as Zhuang Zi Yi would have made a profit anyway.

Unexpectedly, because the word of mouth was so good, netizens spontaneously promoted the film, and the second day’s box office broke through again.

On the third day, because Zhuang Zi Yi’s star dubbing was featured on a well-known domestic variety show, he showed off his strong dubbing ability and released a promotional video.

Even the cinemas, which had only been trying to please Zhuang Zi Yi and had no intention of making money from it, were a bit dumbfounded when they saw their share….

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  1. Thats nice, seems his movie did good and maybe some will notice her backgrounds are similar to her animations. Well seems those two are dead. Also I have to point out its like the author suddenly remember his character is to be op, since before she was good at hacking and thats it and had a broken body. Which should be fixed by now there’s no way she couldn’t

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