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Chapter 71 If I don’t break up with him, do you think I should keep him for New Year?

As soon as Mu Xuan Qing got into the car, he felt Gu Qing Yu’s eyes staring at him passionately.

His long eyelashes lowered slightly to hide his emotions as he listened to her ask as she stared at him, “Xuan Qing… Sir~ What are you doing here? Did you come all the way here to pick me up? Did you miss me, I missed you so much, I missed you every second of the hour!”

‘Sir’, was a title everyone else used, but how come she could say it in such a soft and feminine way? It even touched his heart a little…

Of course he hadn’t come to pick her up, he hadn’t even known she was here, he’d just happened to be close by, when he learned that she was also close…

It was all just a coincidence.

Unexpectedly, the next thing he knew, he was slapped in the face.

Chen Ran smiled, “Yes, Miss Gu, Sir happened to be in the neighborhood, and as soon as he heard that you were here, he came over…. “

In the middle of his sentence, Chen Ran felt an icy sight focus on him, so much so that he stiffened, closing his mouth immediately.

But in his heart, he felt a little helpless. Sir was really something else, he obviously cared about Miss Gu so much that even he, his right-hand man, was left to be used as a guide for Miss Gu, which was really a case of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut… but if she was the woman that Sir liked, their future boss, then he didn’t mind, but Sir was really too tsundere1Tsundere — it’s someone who presents as unfriendly and blunt, but warm and tender on the inside. If he liked her, shouldn’t he show it? His face was always so straight, who knew what he was thinking?

Girls couldn’t be chased like this!

Chen Ran thought seriously.

Mu Xuan Qing glared at him coldly, looked at the girl with eager eyes, and lowered his eyelashes, “Duan Xing Yuan ….. what do you plan to do about him?”

“What do you want me to do about him?” Gu Qing Yu raised a brow, “Our engagement has been called off. From now onwards, there’s no relationship between us.”

“No feelings at all?”

As far as he knew, they had been together for two or three years.

Moreover, after that day, he had checked the surveillance near the abandoned factory and while he hadn’t been able to see the abandoned factory, he had seen from different surveillance footages that at the time Duan Xing Yuan kicked her out of the Duan Group, she had been full of despair, dazed…

He even thought that she had lost faith in everything and wanted to…

To end her own life.

But then, it didn’t seem that way.

Otherwise, how could she still be alive? Besides, that first encounter in the abandoned factory when she’d stared at him with such eager, hungry eyes… She didn’t look like that desperate woman on the surveillance cameras…

It was as if in that instant, she had been a different person.

But he had tested the DNA, the woman in front of him, or at least this body, was indeed Gu Qing Yu’s.

The body hadn’t changed, but she had changed completely.

What exactly was going on here?

He stared into Gu Qing Yu’s eyes, but saw that her eyes were clear and she said with a smile, “Yes, there are no feelings at all.”

“But you’ve been together for over two years, and were even engaged to be married.” He stated a fact.

“Yes, that’s why I can’t forgive him.” Gu Qing Yu said, “We’ve been together for so long, but he doesn’t know anything about me, he couldn’t recognise that the person in the video wasn’t me, he didn’t believe in me and doubted me. He was even so cruel to a woman he claimed to have loved for years, had her thrown out in public and embarrassed her, even going on a blind date in between…. Sir, such a man if I don’t break up with him, do you think I should keep him for New Year?”

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