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Chapter 252 How come Gu Qing Yu’s life is so much like that of a manga?

Lin Xiaoyi’s body stiffened and she put on her hat and hurried away.

This was all Zhuang Jing’s doing from start to finish. She didn’t even tell her to do this; at most she had only hinted at it… what’s more she had only complimented Gu Qing Yu on her good looks and didn’t attack her.

So even if Gu Qing Yu wanted to get her in trouble, she couldn’t find any evidence.

With this in mind, Lin Xiaoyi left with confidence.

“Let go of me!!! Do you know who my parents are? I’ll let them have you k*lled…” Zhuang Jing squirmed, struggling in Mu Xuan Qing’s hand.

Seeming to find her too dirty, Mu Xuan Qing threw her to the ground coldly. Zhuang Jing was in so much pain that she couldn’t even stand up, and then in the next second, she was restrained by the school’s security guards.

“Get me k*lled? By all means, let them come.” Mu Xuan Qing said in an icy tone.

After saying that, he didn’t even look at Zhuang Jing and under the almost silent attention of the crowd, walked over to Gu Qing Yu and took her hand, “This school is terrible, you should graduate early or go to a different school.”

Looking at him, Gu Qing Yu nodded with a smile.

With all the hassle in school, she had indeed become a little fed up, but she had more credits than she needed to graduate anyway and she could just use a painting as her graduation project so it wasn’t really difficult to graduate early. Even if she couldn’t graduate early, it was okay for her to skip classes once she had earned her credits.

The two left under the awe of the crowd and it wasn’t until their figures were gone that the onlookers spoke their minds in awe.

“Is that Gu Qing Yu’s boyfriend?! He’s so handsome! So much more handsome than her original fiancé!!!”

“Yes, and his aura is so strong. For a minute I almost thought he was going to k*ll Zhuang Jing on the spot….”

“Oh my gosh, I just saw his eyes for a second and it was like my blood started boiling…. I’m inspired for my new manga. I’m going to draw a cold-blooded k*ller based on him!!!”

“Gu Qing Yu is also too powerful, right? Her ex-fiancé is so handsome and her current boyfriend is even more handsome! And did you see that? His car must be at least eight figures! And the bodyguard, the bodyguard is also handsome…. but that’s not the point. The point is, he is definitely rich too, no less than Duan Xingyuan!”

“Ah…. how come Gu Qing Yu’s life is so much like that of a manga…. I envy her so much!”

“Please, wait until you have that face of hers.”

“It’s not just about her face, right? Not only does she have the looks, she also has talent. The drawings you spend a year on may not be as good as what she draws in a day… Moreover it is said that she was also spotted by Master Bai Xiuqi and has become his closed disciple.”

“No way?! Master Bai Xiuqi!!! Then why is she still coming to our school for classes…”

After this farce, Gu Qing Yu once again became the center of conversations with almost everyone in the whole school talking about her that afternoon and into the evening. Someone even posted it online and Gu Qing Yu once again went on the hot search and Zhuang Jing was also exposed, causing her to suffer from the netizens’ spittle, but, at this moment, she was no longer visible.

Zhuang Jing was quickly apprehended and despite the fact that Gu Qing Yu wasn’t injured, she was charged with and convicted of the crime of intentional injury as many people and surveillance footage could testify that if it hadn’t been for Gu Qing Yu’s quick reaction and her umbrella, her beautiful face might have been really ruined.

Her reputation was also completely ruined, but it wasn’t just her reputation that was ruined, because she had offended a certain Sir Mu whom her parents didn’t dare offend.

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