Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 242 Why did you do that to Sir?!

“Powerless against him? No, he is my precious experiment. I just don’t want to hurt him. Experiments, must remain intact, of course…”

The man laughed, but his eyes were incomparably crazed and the tone of indifference that showed that he treated Mu Xuan Qing like a white mouse made Gu Qing Yu a little angry, “You deserve to die!”

When she thought of how much Sir had been tortured physically and mentally for all these years because of him, and all because this pervert wanted to conduct an experiment, she wanted to k*ll him!

And she moved to do so.

Gu Qing Yu was like a ghost, so fast that Mu Yi stared in disbelief. Mu Er had been helped to safety by Mu Yi and had slowly come to his senses, but the sight in front of him left him speechless. However he subconsciously tried to lunge to help Gu Qing Yu but Mu Yi shook his head. He’d just been thrown out and now had broken a few bones, his internal organs were churning, and he was spitting blood. If he hadn’t reacted quickly in the air to protect his head, his head would have probably been smashed to bits by now!

This man…. was very scary!

They would only become hostages if they went, a drag to Gu Qing Yu.

But this wouldn’t do. They had to find Sir, because only Sir was a match for this man…..

Mu Yi thought.

At the other end, the man fought Gu Qing Yu evenly, or rather, Gu Qing Yu fought fiercely with deadly strokes, but the man had no intention of attacking her voluntarily. He just avoided her and didn’t fight back. His relaxed appearance irritated Gu Qing Yu instead.

Furious, Gu Qing Yu attacked harder.

But the man just laughed, “If I were you, I would save my energy. If I’m not wrong, you don’t have much energy left, do you?”

Gu Qing Yu bit her lower lip. Indeed, this man knew everything about her.

Sure enough, the gaze that had been trained on her earlier that had made her feel a sense of danger belonged to the man in front of her!

As she fought, she questioned, “Why did you do that to Sir?! When did you get here?!”

The man laughed as if he knew she would have these questions and not seeming to be hiding it from her, said with a smile, “Guess when I came here? Naturally, I came before our planet’s energy depleted.”

“Energy depleted?” Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes. Their planet’s energy was depleted, but that had only happened in the last few years. However, from the time Sir met him and he was used as an experiment, he had come to Earth at least ten years ago…

Plus the time spent on the way here was probably longer…

So how could he have known that their planet was running out of energy? A decade ago, there had still been plenty of energy left…

Gu Qing Yu thought for a moment. Their planet had so much energy that they had all been chill about everything. They hadn’t even bothered to fight for energy; they had just absorbed it when they needed it and there was never a time when they ran out, but because this had always been the case, they had never realized that their planet’s energy was running out little by little…..

Until a few years ago, when someone finally realized that there wasn’t enough energy and there was a scramble for energy, but in the end the energy was so limited that they had to go to other galaxies to look for new energy….

It was only then, that she came here.

Gu Qing Yu hadn’t thought about it much, but at this moment, she looked at the man in front of her and felt that there was something wrong with his words.

Could it be that….

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Seems like the situation on her home planet was not much different from Earth. There’s no party that lasts forever. I wonder how long it will take for wars on Earth to start over places with liveable climate.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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