Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 243 Little thing, you’re quite interesting

The problem of energy depletion on their planet, was because of…..


Her pupils shrinking slightly, Gu Qing Yu’s eyes turned cold.

It was very likely, that he had been on Earth for so long and yet, he still seemed to be full of energy at the moment and it seemed that, he didn’t need to worry about running out of energy at all like she did, and the connection with Sir and the others who had been taken for experiments, the problems with Sir’s body afterwards and the way his blood always seemed to be full of energy. Even the energy she used now was mostly provided by Sir…

He… didn’t seem to need to worry about energy!

That wasn’t right.

She had spent a year researching, and although the plants on Earth contained a small amount of the energy they needed, it was very, very little. So little that it was a little difficult to keep her alive in this body. If that happened she might have to eat all the time. If it wasn’t for Sir…..

So how on earth did this person manage to have so much energy and even with just one experiment, it made Sir generate so much energy, as if Sir had become a… battery livestock, for saving energy?!

“How did you know that the energy would dry up?!” Gu Qing Yu stared at him swiftly and fiercely.

The man smiled faintly, “Naturally, it’s because… I took most of the energy away.”


Gu Qing Yu’s eyes unintentionally revealed an ominous glint and she lunged forward, only for the man to dodge to the other side when she was one step away from grabbing him.

The way they both moved was unlike human beings, dazzling even to the naked eye and the topics they spoke about were even more frightening. The expressions on Mu Yi and Mu Er’s faces changed, the emotions in their eyes incomparably complex, but they both pushed this shock down. The most important thing for them at the moment was to protect Gu Qing Yu!

“Little friend, what are you angry about? If it weren’t for that, you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to be here, would you? This planet is so interesting, beautiful, fun and full of simple, frail humans. All we need to do is show a little energy and the most powerful among them will listen to you, worship you, and treat you as if you were a god. You don’t have to do anything and there will be countless people working for you…. how wonderful is that?”

The man winked at her.

Gu Qing Yu gritted her teeth, “What was the purpose of those… experiments you did? If just demonstrating energy would serve your purpose, why do such experiments?”

“Naturally, it’s because I wanted to help them….. Don’t you think your Sir has become stronger under my transformation? If he had been a weak human being, you would have been able to kill him with a finger. If that was the case, would you still like him? But it’s a pity, he was my most successful experiment so far and yet, was also the most disobedient….”

Hearing him speak in such a petulant tone, Gu Qing Yu was furious, and finally seized the opportunity to punch him hard when he wasn’t expecting it!

This time she finally hit him, causing the man’s mouth to bleed, but he just raised an eyebrow, as if it didn’t seem to hurt at all, “Little thing, you’re quite interesting…. to be able to hit me, but it proves that your strength wasn’t weak even over there. How about it, do you want to follow me? Follow me and I’ll give you lots of energy. I’m only being generous to you because you’re one of my kind…. If you miss this chance, there won’t be a next time.”

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. She definitely wouldn’t have noticed him if he wasn’t radiating all that delicious energy. But now that they’ve slept together and the bonding hormones are flooding her body, how things started isn’t important anymore.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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