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Chapter 80 Painting has been ruined

The most important thing was that time was now limited. The competition had started at the end of last semester, but the paintings had to be submitted in the first week of the school year for the preliminaries, after which they could officially participate and the deadline was today at five o’clock in the afternoon. Even if Gu Qing Yu painted right now, the drawing would definitely not be as good as the last one she spent a whole day drawing.

Gu Qing Yu’s face sank as she watched Stallone criticize the student who had left last yesterday with a dark face for not being attentive enough and forgetting to close the window.

In their art department, it was common for people to stay in the studio late into the night in order to paint, so even if they didn’t have to clean the classroom, the students usually closed the windows themselves.

The student being criticised kept his head down and didn’t say anything, because even he didn’t remember whether he had closed the window before he left yesterday.

Lin Xiao Yi tugged at the corner of Gu Qing Yu’s dress, “Are you okay?”

Gu Qing Yu stared at her painting. The paints on it had all been mixed together and it looked really miserable, but….

The more she looked at it, how come it looked so much like a sight from their planet?

Gu Qing Yu was a little distracted as Lin Xiao Yi said, “Don’t be sad, there are other competitions next month…”

However, as if she didn’t hear it, Gu Qing Yu took out her brush and started repainting on the painting…

Lin Xiao Yi froze for a moment as she watched Gu Qing Yu’s brush add a few strokes to the already ruined painting like magic…

Then the whole picture changed all of a sudden and was nothing like it was when it was first painted yesterday, but…..

But it was no worse than when it was painted yesterday!

Even the slightly dirty traces left by the rain on the painting were now the finishing touches!

Lin Xiao Yi’s face changed then changed again.

“Qing Yu, are you okay…..”

The other students had wanted to come up to her to comfort her, but when they saw her painting, they were dumbfounded.

More and more students gathered around and watched as Gu Qing Yu turned the painting, which they all thought was ruined, back into a stunning new painting.

Seeing so many people gathered here, Stallone also squeezed up, and as soon as he saw the painting in front of Gu Qing Yu, his eyes lit up!


It was even better than yesterday’s finished product!

It only took a mere twenty minutes for Gu Qing Yu to save her painting. It was only when she put her brush down that she realised that there were so many people surrounding her.

She wasn’t nervous either. Smiling, she asked Stallone, “Teacher, what do you think?”

Stallone’s eyes were glowing, “Very good!”

He didn’t even know what to make of it. All he knew was that while staring at the painting, it was as if he was seeing a vast universe, a vast and beautiful, boundless, mysterious, yet dangerous….

His blood boiled a little, ”Student Gu, hurry up and hand this painting in. You must protect it this time, don’t let it be destroyed again!”

Gu Qing Yu nodded and took the painting down herself, carefully taking it for the preliminary round.

Lin Xiao Yi’s nails sank into the flesh of her palm as she looked at Gu Qing Yu’s empty easel…

Shao Zihan pushed his glasses up, averted his gaze from her face and sneered.

“Sir, Miss Gu is back at school. Mr. Gu doesn’t seem to have any intention of arranging a new marriage partner for Miss Gu for the time being because of the benefits that Duan Xing Yuan promised him.” Chen Ran reported to Mu Xuan Qing.

Mu Xuan Qing didn’t even open his eyes and he didn’t seem to have heard it, but Chen Ran knew that he had not only heard it, but was listening very carefully.

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5 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Okay, so this makes two suspects, but which one is the culprit and why are they not worried about the possibility of getting expelled for intentionally sabotaging their own classmate’s work?

    1. indeed there is two prime suspect. but im more incline that girl lin xiaoyi is the culprit this time. because the method seems stupid and totally brainless.

      im not sure with this shao zihan but even if there is some jealousy (in terms of art talent) he will still choose to compete open and fair.

      well, if someone has a spoiler, please correct me if im wrong

    1. I always read your comment. It makes my blood boil. Your comment is so good makes me wonder why you are still reading 🤣

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