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Chapter 63 Love rivals meeting?

Sun Caiyu was beyond upset. She thought that she was the one who had the best chance, she didn’t care if he had dated other women before, as long as she was the last one, as long as she was Mrs. Duan.

But never expected that the Duan family wouldn’t care about marrying a family with the same social status, and accepted such a small family from a small city…

She was depressed but didn’t dare to say anything because of face.

It wasn’t until after Gu Qing Yu’s video was exposed and her scandal hit the news that Sun Caiyu finally got her chance!

Elder Duan was really furious and no longer accepted Gu Qing Yu as his granddaughter-in-law. Her grandfather was somewhat friends with Elder Duan and guessing what he was thinking, hinted certain things to him, and it was an instant success. Elder Duan quickly arranged a blind date between her and Duan Xing Yuan.

The meeting with Duan Xing Yuan was really as romantic as she had imagined years ago. He was so handsome and courteous, he, was the prince charming who had walked out of her dreams….

Sun Caiyu was incomparably happy that she had finally waited for him.

But unexpectedly, that video of Gu Qing Yu turned out to be a fake. When she found out about it, her heart went cold. How she wished that it was real, that way Duan Xing Yuan wouldn’t leave her.

Sure enough, after finding out that the video was fake and that Gu Qing Yu hadn’t betrayed him, Duan Xing Yuan left the imperial capital immediately and ran to S City to look for Gu Qing Yu. Moreover, during this period of time, no matter how she contacted him, he ignored her and only said to her, “Sorry, Miss Sun, let’s just be friends!”

Friends? How could she wait so many years to be his friend? She had waited for so long, how could she be content with being just his friend?!

Sun Caiyu had mixed feelings inside and although she wasn’t willing, there was nothing she could do about it.

Luckily, her grandfather told her that there was no rush in this matter, because Elder Duan was particularly concerned about the family’s reputation, or rather, many of the big families in the imperial capital were, and although the matter of Gu Qing Yu was fake, that face in that video was really the same as hers, hence Gu Qing Yu’s reputation was already ruined and Elder Duan wouldn’t agree to let her into the family.

Her grandfather told her to wait patiently, until the past two days he heard that that Sir…. favoured Duan Xing Yuan. In an instant, countless families in the imperial capital tried to introduce the girls in their family who had reached the age for marriage to Duan Xing Yuan, making Sun Caiyu a little troubled. She didn’t expect that without Gu Qing Yu, so many competitors would suddenly appear…

Today, also because of her bad mood, a few of her girlfriends invited her here for dinner, and to her surprise, she would see Gu Qing Yu…

Sun Caiyu looked at Gu Qing Yu with a somewhat complicated mood.

Sure enough, Gu Qing Yu was even more beautiful than in the pictures, there was not a single spot on her entire body that wasn’t perfect, so exquisite that she looked like a doll, pink skin that made women incomparably jealous, long hair as dark as ink, and if she was right, Gu Qing Yu wasn’t even wearing makeup, but this lip colour was even more beautiful than applying the most expensive lip gloss, as seductive as a begonia after rain…

She was just sitting there, but the aura around her made it impossible for one to ignore her. She was like the most striking and unique flower in a garden full of spring colours, making men want to hide her and take good care of her, making women jealous and want to cut her down to keep her from taking away their spotlight…

Such a delicate beauty… no wonder, no wonder Duan Xing Yuan fell in love with her at first sight and had never forgotten her since, even running to S City to develop…

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